Run Away Next Christmas!

Are you about burned out by Christmas rushing and craziness? Why not do something totally different next year?

Christmas Light Crab © alisandro81 |

Six years ago we decided to change it all up. We kicked it around with our son, who was almost 18, and decided to go to the southern Oregon beach. We’d never made it down that far, and wanted to. We drove down a few days before Christmas and got a hotel. We watched a storm come in off the ocean (it was on our bucket list). We visited the fancier shops, all decked out for the holidays. We visited a local mansion all decked out in lights, including some amazing light sculptures in the gardens. We had a great Christmas dinner at a local casino at lunch time, then for dinner, we had a meal which consisted of a big loaf of French bread, three half crabs, and a large bowl of melted butter.

Our gift giving was limited, well under a hundred dollars spent all around. But our enjoyment of each other and the holiday was huge and we all still remember it fondly. 

How could you do Christmas differently? Even if you have younger kids, it’s possible. Start talking now!

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Image Credit: © alisandro81 |

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