Take Back Sexual Ground!

At the Authentic Intimacy Conference, Linda and Juli talked about the three reasons sex is important. Number three was a shock:

Sex is important to Satan!

Of course, they’re exactly right, it is. As they said, Satan wants to vandalise our sexuality. He’s all about the lying, stealing, and destroying. He made sex part of our spiritual warfare and ignoring it is just giving it over to him. Surrender should not be an option!

Taking Back Lost Ground © John Gomez| dollarphotoclub.com

Of course, most of us have lost plenty of ground in this battle. Odds are your family didn’t prepare you for the battle, and most churches are playing catch-up on the issue.

The world promotes all manner of sin and perversion, and Satan is all about us getting us involved in as much of that as possible. But there’s another side to this which is just as important but all too often ignored. Satan steals our sexuality by keeping us from having the intimacy and sexuality God intended us to have with our spouse. Not doing what we should do is as wrong as doing what we should not do, and both are destructive.

Do you want to take back the sexual ground Satan has stolen from you? Are you ready for a spiritual battle over the joining of the flesh? Are you ready to drop what God doesn’t want you to have while picking up what He wants you to have?

If you want to jump boldly into the picking up side, consider using our Valentine’s Love Coupons, one of which is specifically for sexual gifts. 

Set some wise boundaries:

  • A day or two notice needed for most coupons.
  • If you have one day a week that’s just crazy, no coupons on that day.
  • Limit the number of coupons per week or month, or say they must be used at least a certain number of days apart.
  • No coupons redeemed during your period unless specifically stated on the coupon.

One good way to do coupons of this nature is to give a choice on the coupon – this coupon good for ABC or XYZ. What he chooses tells you something about what he really wants. You can also put in some for things you want – if he uses that it’s a win/win!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m very proud of how my warrior wife has taken back ground in this area. 

RelatedDancing For My Husband: Finding My Inner Sexy on Marriage 4:29 is all about this topic, and another great way to take back some ground.

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Image Credit: © John Gomez| dollarphotoclub.com

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One Comment on “Take Back Sexual Ground!

  1. This is so true about what we don’t do as well as what we do. There is so much we feel is directly prohibited in the Bible when it is not and we are robbed of the joy and contentment God intended. We should be careful not to be victim to spurious interpretations by others when we should be reading and thinking for ourselves. Proverbs encourages us to seek out counsel and we should do so with prudence.
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