Most Viewed #2: He Wants to Shower With You

Lori and I are away from our RV – and our computers, so this week I’m doing the three most read posts during 2015. Not the best of 2015, the posts with the most reads during the year. Enjoy!


Technically the #2 most read item is the Our Other Websites page which includes links to our other sites and blogs along with our social media.

#2: He Wants to Shower With You

I have no idea why this post was so popular. Maybe it’s just good clean fun?


A while back, someone asked me if I would do a survey on couples showing together. The results are here. More than two-thirds of the men said they like to shower with their wife “anytime”. Less than half the wives said the same. One and a half times as many men were in the “anytime” category. What was discouraging was the many comments from men who said they very much want to do this, but their wife is unwilling most or all of the time. 

Fresh from the shower © Vladimir Pavlović | Your mileage may vary, but odds are your husband would like to shower with you, or do so more often. Why is this?

  • Sex Yes, he gets to see you naked, so sex is a factor here even if nothing happens.
  • Non-sexual nudity As one man said, it’s “a non-sexual way for me to be naked with my wife.”
  • Conversation Several men said talking was a great part of taking a shower together.
  • Hugging A couple of men mentioned how nice it is to hug in the shower.
  • Intimacy One man said, “It’s mostly about intimacy and closeness for us, and is only occasionally sexual in nature.”

Some of the ladies said the same things. As one woman put it, “It’s a great time to reconnect, have fun, talk, and not be interrupted cause the kids find it gross!”

Reasons Women Don’t Want To

  • Body image He thinks you look hot – really. Besides, it’s less revealing than some other options, so it’s a good way to get your feet wet – so to speak.
  • He will get aroused Which would be an indication he thinks you’re hot. If the two of you aren’t having much sex, this could be a problem. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • He will expect sex right then If you are dead set against it, gently let him know you will shower with him, but sex will have to wait. You could also take care of him by hand if you like.
  • He will want to touch me Sounds to me like he thinks you’re hot. Talk to him about what touch is okay and what is uncomfortable. Start with him washing your back and move on from there. Two men mentioned liking washing their wife’s hair, which can be very relaxing.

Why not give it a try? If he does something you don’t like, tell him. See if you can work out a joint shower that works for both of you.

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Image Credit: © Vladimir Pavlović |

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3 Comments on “Most Viewed #2: He Wants to Shower With You

  1. Things a man wouldn’t think of:
    1) Maybe I don’t want my hair to get all wet at that moment. It takes time to dry.
    2) We have an elbow-bumpingly small shower stall.
    3) I have a husband who is a foot taller than I am, so I can either stand drowning directly under the showerhead, or I can stand on the other side of the shower shivering in the cold spray that makes it around his towering bod.

    All the same, I do jump in with him from time to time.

  2. This is interesting. I think I like it more than my husband, even though I’d classify myself as the lower drive spouse. We have height difference and small shower issues too, which are his two main reasons for not really digging it. In his words, they’re fun in theory but not as much in reality. Maybe in our dream house we’ll have a big, spa-type shower.

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