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Titus 2:3-4 tell us the “older women” are to “train the young women to love their husbands and children.” A few weeks ago I had a beautiful example of that. 

Lori and I were speaking at a church, and after we did some teaching from the front we split the group by gender for a time of “ask me anything”. After half an hour Lori and I changed places, so the men were asking her questions and the women were asking me. (We stumbled on this years ago when we ran short of material. It was the most liked part of the entire gathering, and every time we do it people really like it.)

The group of about a dozen women included two who were within a few years of my age. Now that’s not old, but it is older! These two ladies were such a blessing and encouragement. They said many pro-marriage and pro-sex things. They each had practical ideas and a great sense of humour. 

Older woman with coffee © zinkevych | dollarphotoclub.com

Talking with folks afterwards, I learned this is the norm for these two women. They’re all about marriage and sex in marriage, and they share freely and regularly. They’ve set the tone, and raised the bar, and I know the younger women of the church have better marriages because of them. I also know either of these women would be quick to say yes to mentoring a younger woman in her marriage.

If you’re a younger wife who would benefit from time with a woman like this, seek one out. If you don’t see any such woman start praying for God to provide.

If you’re an older wife with a good marriage, please do all you can to be vocally marriage and sex positive.  Be available to minister to younger wives – or get bold and chase a few down. You have far more power to effect change than you think. You could make the difference for a couple headed for divorce, and you can certainly help many couples have better marriages.

If your nest is empty and you want to really help marriages, check out my Take in a Couple or Two post.

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Image Credit: © zinkevych | dollarphotoclub.com

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