Phone + Snub = Phub

The word phub and the action of phubbing, got a lot of attention in 2012 when the term was coined. Sadly the word has not stuck while what it describes has gotten worse.

Phubbing is snubbing someone by using your phone rather than talking with them when you are together. 

Phubbing at dinner © snaptitude |

Research released by Baylor University’s School of Business last fall says Pphubbing (partner phone snubbing) is hurting relationships. Almost half of respondents said they are phubbed by their partner, and more than one in five said it causes relationship conflict. Personally, I find those levels surprisingly low, based on what I see couples doing in public places. Maybe when both are doing it no one calls foul.

It’s easy to throw stones at your husband on this while justifying your own phone use. He can do the same, which means nothing changes. If you don’t want to be phubbed, then make sure you’re never guilty of phubbing.

~ Paul – I’m XY and we keep our phone use to a minimum when we are together. 

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Image Credit: © snaptitude |

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