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Recently we had dinner with two other couples who are ministering about sex. No one at the table was shy about sex, and the conversation flowed freely. Both couples have a son or two of pre-school age, and as we discussed kids and sexuality one father said his sons liked erections, and liked holding them. We all had a good laugh, but this statement reveals a truth most women don’t understand.

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Erections feel good, and holding or pushing them against something feels even better. Yes, it can be sexual, but it’s not always. It feels physically pleasurable apart from sex. 

This is no doubt why your husband pushed his erection up against you in bed. It feels nice to him. He many or may not be seeking sex. He may have just woken up with an erection, rolled over to hug you, and is enjoying all the sensations of hugging you with an erection.

Aside from helping you understand your husband (and your sons) a bit, you can use this information to bless him. After sex, run your hand down his body to his penis and touch him. Fondle and squeeze as you tell him how much you like this part of his body. If he gets erect (if?) hold him for a bit. Let him enjoy you enjoying his erection. At first, he may be confused, but once he understands he may find it a very nice thing. It’s a way to make sex less of a narrowly focused thing, which is good.

If you really want to blow his mind, when he bumps it up against you reach behind, take hold of it, and then do something to give him an orgasm. Repeat irregularly when he gives you a pokey hug.

~ I’m Paul, and I like my wife’s touch!

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9 Comments on “Erections Feel Good

  1. I think that when you originally published a post about this, it was one of the most helpful things, outside the ‘Good Girl’s Guide’, for me in adjusting to marriage, so I thank you for this advice. However, once he’s had his ‘o’, he doesn’t want to be touched. (You’re right, there
    are a lot of things we women wouldn’t just understand without some explanation!)

  2. I think this is a good reminder, especially for moms of young sons. A few years ago, my then preschool aged son told me one night in the bathtub, “Mom! When I hold my penis it gets really big!” As a woman, I see erections as purely sexual and it was admittedly a little disconcerting for me to think my young son was having sexual thoughts. I quickly realized, though, that it was more about, “Hey, I just learned something about my body and it feels good.” I think moms (and dads) have to be really careful to gently teach their sons that it’s not okay to make their bodies have these reactions in any given situation without teaching them that the reactions themselves are wrong.

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