Older Is Better

Yesterday I turned 55 years young. 

55! © jro-grafik | dollarphotoclub.com

I realise being this age makes me a better husband than I was when I was 24 (my age when we got married). This is not just because I’ve grown up some and wised up a bit.

At 24, my prefrontal cortex was not yet fully developed and I was, at least, a decade away from emotional maturity. Add to that the near toxic levels of testosterone in my system, and it’s a wonder my dear Lori was able to put up with me long enough for me to grow up. I was more given to aggression, to aggressive driving, to impatience, and to thinking 18 hours without sex was an emergency of major proportions. I was less able to read my wife’s emotions, and less able to empathise when I did find a clue.

Of course I had a responsibility to fight my hormonal and mental limitations when I was younger, but the limitations were real and there is only so much one can do. The same is true for your dear hubby. If you hang in with him his age will make things better.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m getting older AND BETTER!

Men Mature After Women — 11 Years After, To Be Exact — A British Study Reveals | Medical Daily 
Testosterone may reduce empathy by reducing brain connectivity | PsyPost 

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Image Credit: © jro-grafik | dollarphotoclub.com

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4 Comments on “Older Is Better

  1. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

    I seem to appreciate my dogs more when they pass the age of 3, horses when they pass the age of 6, doctors when they’re over 40, and I am appreciating my husband more since he passed the age of 45. He has mellowed enough now that he is much more capable of dealing with my menopause than he would have been at the age of 30 :)

    Hmmm….”near toxic levels of testosterone”…great description.
    I’ve always believed that testosterone tends to create more problems/heartache than it does babies.
    I will never understand why it continues to be the male drug of choice.

    • @J0lie “I will never understand why it (testosterone) continues to be the male drug of choice.”
      As if we have a choice! There I was in middle school, minding my own business, not hurting anyone, and BOOM testosterone was all over me.
      Paul Byerly recently posted…Friday Flashback: That’s How God Made MeMy Profile

  2. “Older is better” is right. I remember how I was thinking when I was 24 or even 29. Now that I’ve reached 46 I often laugh at the ideas I used to have when I was younger. What was I thinking? I guess it’s just the way things are: we live and learn and mature with time. Some of the things I used to really believe in 20 years back are so crazy and stupid that it makes me laugh :). Don’t even get me started about the way I used to be about sex. I couldn’t go 48 hours without it and if it did happen, then I would feel like climbing the walls. I’m now much more relaxed and calm and thank God for that!

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