Tally Your Time Use

How do you use your time?

Are you sure? Most of us spend more time on some things than we think, and less on other things than we tell ourselves.

Woman laughing about time © STUDIO GRAND OUEST | stock.adobe.com

If you usually get everything done, it’s not a big deal. If you’re like most people, never done, how you use your time matters. Of particular interest to me is if you have enough time for your marriage. Starving a marriage of time is a sure way to cripple or kill it.

This week why not keep track of your time? Ideally, get a little notebook and keep notes.

~ Paul – I’m XY and I’m jealous about time with my exceptional lady!

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Image Credit: © STUDIO GRAND OUEST | stock.adobe.com

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4 Comments on “Tally Your Time Use

  1. Good reminder, but I did chuckle a little, only because I am in the season of having young children. That means even the best-laid plans get interrupted and unaccomplished. Just yesterday it took an hour before I could get in the shower because every time I shut the bathroom door someone had to use the toilet. It took me 45 minutes to fix the bed because someone needed help with cereal. Someone needed a fanny wiped. Someone needed help with buttons. Someone got upset.

    I am certainly not complaining, just voicing my reality right now. And because that is my reality, being careful and proactive about priorities and time spent is even more important. After all, a button buttoned ministers far more to my children than my bed getting fixed in under 5 minutes.

    • This is a fact I’ve not been able to convince my wife of yet:

      Intent matters and the fact that you make an effort, is much more important than if you actually accomplish feeding the marriage. When you cease making the effort. It is seen, it hurts, and it embitters.

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