Being Outdoors is Healing

As we travel, Lori and I stay in a variety of places, from overnight at a Walmart or Cabela’s to a few days in a crowded private camp to a week by a lake at an Army Corps of Engineers camp. The more we do this, the more we’re working to find country, state, and federal camps that are out in nature. The reason for this is we’ve found we feel much better when we stay in such places.

Nature shots © Paul H. Byerly

We feel less stressed and less hurried. We also feel closer and more intimate with each other. Being out in nature is good for us, and for our marriage. It would be good for you, your husband, and your marriage too. 

Find ways to get out in nature with your hubby. You could walk in a park, do a camping trip, stroll on the beach, have a picnic at a forested location, or take a boat trip on a lake. 

[Images are from a few of the beautiful places we’ve been. You see our ever changing view on our The Generous Journey Blog]

~ Paul – I’m XY and my lady is becoming a nature gal! 

10 Remarkable Ways Nature Can Heal Your Mind | PsyBlog 
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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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2 Comments on “Being Outdoors is Healing

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more!
    My husband and I have been blessed to have lived in areas others come to vacation.
    There has never been much shopping or cultural arts available to us but we get daily entertainment watching the wildlife and ever-changing landscape that surrounds us.

    There is nothing like a walk in the woods or around the lake to sooth what ail’s you.

    We call it God’s country!

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