Your OTHER left!

A year ago my wife had no understanding of the physics of backing a fifth wheel trailer.

The spot where we parked next to our house for four months last year was horrible. House on one side, garden stakes on the other. A fence at the back and a phone pole on the edge of the driveway that was dead centre where we needed to go. It was the worse spot we’ve parked in yet, and we had to pull out every ten days to two weeks to go dump our tanks. There was plenty of frustration as we learned how to communicate while backing the beast into place. More than once one of us was tempted to throw our walkie-talkie across the yard!

RV and Walkie-Talkie © Paul H. Byerly

Today we back with ease. Lori knows how I need to turn to move in the right direction, and she knows how to communicate that to me. I understand what her words mean, and I trust her guidance. We have developed a shared language and a shared trust. It took work, but we did it.

Are there places in your marriage where you and your husband don’t have a common language? If you’re both willing to work at it and get past the frustrations you can learn to communicate well about anything.

If you’re near Raleigh NC: We have an informal gathering at Lake Wheeler Park this Friday, May 6th, starting at 5PM. We will be in picnic table area near their concessions. Bring a picnic or buy something there. 6404 Lake Wheeler Road Raleigh, NC 27603

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my oh so talented wife did the artwork on the spare tire cover.

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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One Comment on “Your OTHER left!

  1. This Saturday my husband asked me to direct him backing into a parking space. We definitely were not “talking” the same language! I told him we just needed more practice. No hurt feelings and a peaceful dinner!

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