It’s Better Than What We Were Doing

One of the things RVing has helped us learn is to make small improvements in the right direction. Sometimes waiting to “do it right” or do it the way we really want it done is not an option. Not being near the right store or not having the necessary time before we move again means we often have to make a temporary or less than perfect fix. 

Certainly this could go wrong – say if it resulted in the RV being held together with duck tape. But it can also be a real life saver as it can keep us from being literally stuck where we are.

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The same thinking should apply to marriage at times. If something isn’t working, a short term or less than perfect fix may be the best or only choice. Reducing the problem is better than putting it off till you can find a total solution. This can go wrong if you never go back to work out a real, long-term fix, but it can be a marriage saver when it keeps you from being stuck.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and fusing tape is even better than duck tape!

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