Maybe You Should Come Last

Over on The Generous Husband, I use to sign my Saturday (sex) posts with “Remember, women come first!” I know a lot of men think being a good lover means making sure their wife has all the orgasms she wants before he has his. 

What most of us never asked ourselves, much less our wives, is what she would like.

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Maybe some of you would sometimes like sex to end when you climax. Maybe you want to go from orgasm to after-glow without having to do anything for him. For some women, intercourse is the ultimate foreplay and hubby climaxing in her the ultimate turn-on. For such a woman, him pleasuring her after intercourse would be a real treat.

This is probably even more of an issue when sex does not include intercourse. Based on biology it should be easier for her to finish him after she’s done than the other way around, but if you want to be last on some occasions I think you should be.

If any of this sounds good to you, have a talk with your hubby. You could start by pointing him to my She Comes… LAST? post on TGH. On that post one women commented that if she climaxes after her husband it usually gets him so aroused he’s ready to go again. This could be a good or a bad thing I guess.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and now I say you should have a choice!

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5 Comments on “Maybe You Should Come Last

  1. What? I did not even begin to understand what you were trying to say with this one…?

  2. I don’t see my husband having the energy left for anything after he’s done with his :-)

  3. We always do it like a sandwich – her, him, her, occasionally him again. It works for us!

  4. Hey Paul, I usually comment as “Me” and that comment above is not from me! :) I totally understand what you are trying to say!

    Just wanted to point out there’s more than one “me”. I guess I should have chosen a more unique “name”. Ha ha!

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