What Buttons Would You Each Like?

How would you like a magic button? When you push the button, your husband immediately does what the button says. Not only does he do it, he does it without complaint or acting upset.

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I know more than a few wive’s who would like a “Take out the trash” button, but I suspect most have bigger and deeper needs.

Now turn it around; what magic button would your husband like? What does he want more of from/with you? If I asked him the top five buttons he would like, how many of them would you guess correctly?

Are you up to asking your husband what buttons he would like? You might be surprised by some of them. Respect will be high on many men’s lists, even if their wife thinks she shows him respect. For many (most?) men, several of the top five will be sexual in nature. If this is true for your husband don’t just dismiss it as all he thinks about. 

If you’re willing to ask hubby what buttons he would like, encourage him to be brutally honest. Promise you will listen without arguing, making excuses, or justifying yourself. Then spend significant time thinking and praying about what he shared. Is any of what he wants reasonable? If something seems unreasonable is there something similar that is reasonable? Has he asked for anything you should already be doing?

As you think through his requests come up with ways to give him more of what he says he wants. If you want to go all out, give him a symbolic button for one of the things he wanted, and work hard to respond when he “pushes” the button.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I want to push my wife’s buttons!

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Image Credit: © denisismagilov | stock.adobe.com

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