Who’s Writing Your Life Story?

Your life is a story in progress. You can change the story at any time, but doing so can be difficult. The first step is seeing you have control over how the story is written.

I realise all manner of things you don’t want happen to you, but these don’t write your story. What you do with those things is what really matters. Even more important is how you see yourself. Is the character you play in your story defined by what happened when you were a child? Is it defined by some horrible event in your past? Or, is who you are defined by who God says you are? Do others define you, or do you control how you see yourself? I realise you can’t change how others see you, but how you see yourself does influence how others see you.

Your story is still unfolding © gustavofrazao | stock.adobe.com

All too often I see women who have surrendered the writing of their story to others or to circumstance, and it breaks my heart. I see women accepting the lies spoken over and to them as truth. I see them decide they can never be more or different. They say “I will always be” and “I will never have”. I know part of the reason for this a sense of hopelessness. I also understand the pain of repeated failure. Sometimes it just feels easier to go along as others write your story.

Please know God has called you to more. He has a good story for you. He has blessings for you to receive and blessings for you to give to others. I know it’s a scary thing, but fighting for a better story is possible, and ultimately worth the cost. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I care deeply about XX stories.

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Image Credit: © gustavofrazao | stock.adobe.com

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One Comment on “Who’s Writing Your Life Story?

  1. Hey Paul, This was a good post. I guess I’ve always had some trouble letting my story be written by others. It just feels kind of like an “it is what it is” situation, you know? I’ve tried being myself, staying fit and keeping a nice home to make my husband comfortable. But he’s just not that into me, and I’ve had to accept that. Oh he provides well, and he says he loves me and calls me beautiful, and I even tried believing him for a while, but that backfired. He almost always chooses sleep or work. He can stay awake if he’s gotta run a job at night, but if he’s home, he’s fast asleep. He says it’s because he’s relaxed, I think it’s because he’s avoiding me.

    Reading the stories of others doesn’t help. I’ve learned that as a woman, I should not be initiating (and being rejected) so often. I need to back off and give him his space. If he wants me he knows where I am. (Although he hardly ever initiates and that is incredibly painful). And I’ve also been reading how normal men see sex as an expression of love and they want it every 24 to 48 hours, and that makes me sad, because my husband does not feel that way with me. I could only dream of my husband being that interested in me. I do my best to be happy with the once every week or ten days. I don’t really know why I’m not as attractive to him as other wives are to their husbands, but I’m tired of trying to figure it out. It’s easier to accept I just don’t measure up, and move on with my daily life. He gets so upset if I feel sad about it, so I have to act happy.

    I also feel bad craving intimacy with my husband more than normal wives do. I never knew that was so abnormal until I began reading so much about marriage. But then again, I’ve always been a little unique, so why stop now. It’s who God made me and I have to learn to accept that. Great post.

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