What A Cast Iron Skillet Taught Me About Marriage

I’ve mentioned I do a good deal of the cooking these days. For me, it’s a form of artistic expression. I love coming up with my own recipes and tweaking them endlessly. I also enjoy learning new ways to prepare food. 

About 18 months ago I started seeing blog posts about how great cast iron is for cooking. I talked to a friend who uses cast iron and she said it was easy to clean and gave food a better flavour. So after far too much research, I bought my first cast iron skillet. 

What A Cast Iron Skillet Taught Me About Marriage

Now that I have the skillet well seasoned it usually cleans with nothing more than a paper towel. If that’s not enough, boiling some water in it takes care of it. Food does taste better, and being able to move it from stove top to the oven is very nice. (It makes amazing tortilla pizza!) 

I feel duped! Why on earth did I ever have anything else? And how did “modern” non-stick cookware ever become the choice over cast iron? Why was I using a poor second choice all these years? I was using it because it’s what I was taught to use, and it’s what “everyone” else was using. I let my family of origin and my culture tell me what kind of pan to use.

Fortunately, a poor choice in cookware isn’t a big deal in the larger scope of life. But we do the same thing with more important choices, including how we live our marriage. We let our family of origin, our friends, and our culture tell us how marriage should be. We accept these norms as right and good without taking the time to think about them or examine other possibilities. If most marriages in our culture were wildly successful and happy, doing what everyone else does would seem like a good idea. In a world where many marriages fail and most have significant problems, doing what everyone else is doing seems like a really bad plan.

My advice? Look for a better way to live out your marriage. And buy a nice cast iron pan!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my talented wife is the real artist in the marriage!

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8 Comments on “What A Cast Iron Skillet Taught Me About Marriage

  1. I have been cooking with cast iron most of my adult life. I highly recommend it. My doc does, too. Non stick can scrape off and actually poison you. Cast iron can actually boost your iron and is good for anemia (which many women suffer from).

    If you do have to wash it out, just be sure to dry it at once and oil it. I use olive oil.

  2. You can also scrub a cast iron skillet with salt to get it clean. The salt is an abrasive and adds to the seasoning. Sometimes marriage requires us to scrub away at some stuff, too–and adds to the seasoning in our marriage in the process.

    We have always used cast iron to cook. It just gets better with age!

  3. Cast iron replacements were marketed originally to keep wife and mom from “struggling with the heaviness.” Finding the easy way isn’t always the best way.

  4. I have had a cast iron pan since we got married but never used it till a year or so ago when I built a wood fired brick oven. It cooks every thing and does it great. I am still trying to figure out how to season my marriage to make less stuff stick and cause problems.

  5. My husband uses out cast iron pan to cook. I don’t, too heavy.

    A little off topic but relevant to ladies in their fertile years: reusable menstrual products! I started using a menstrual cup this year. Is was weird to start off with cause out culture only promotes pads and tampons. But the cup is So. Much. Better! It’s 1000 times more comfortable, much safer than tampons, you can leave it in longer, it’s cleaner, it doesn’t leak (for reals!) and no waste. Just wash it out and use it for up to 10 years supposedly. Why did I wait so long!? Never going back.

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