What Do You Think We Should Write?

Many years ago we wrote two books – a year of generous tips for wives and a year of generous tips for husbands. We did this more because people kept asking than out of a deep desire to write books. And we didn’t get good editing done, so the books are full of typos. Okay maybe not full, but we’ve always felt the books were not ready for prime time.

The last couple of years Lori and I have both felt a growing need to write books. If you’ve never been there I don’t know if I can explain how this is a need, but it is. It’s as if the words are in me and I have to get them out!

What Do You Think We Should Write?

So, this winter we’re writing books. We’ve set aside four-plus months with no speaking or other responsibilities beyond our blogs, and we’re going to work on books. We have a number of ideas and several outlines, but we’ve not settled on exactly what to do first. This is where you come in. Given what we do, what do you think we should write? What do we approach in a fresh or different way? Where is our voice strongest or most needed?

We’d really like to hear from you. Hit reply on this post, or use the contact form.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I GOTTA WRITE!!

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4 Comments on “What Do You Think We Should Write?

  1. May I make a request? Would you change your label to read “If you read sexually explicit romance novels, check out these posts: ” unless you do believe any and all love stories are sinful?

    I write “romance novels” which are really love stories that teach Biblical principles and are cautionary tales about how men talk women into sex with no actual sexual content, dealing with lines, boyfriends who struggle with porn use, etc. They are sold as “romance novels” and no Christian publisher or Christian review site will touch them with a ten foot pole since they mention sex, but there is no other genre to classify them under. So, only unsaved women read my books which attempt to teach the importance of sexually purity because as one pastor’s wife told me, “All romance novels are sin.”

    If that’s true, so is your blog because you talk about sex. Many women whom I have referred to your blog told me that very thing – “It is ungodly to talk about sex.”

    I have been fighting a battle to distinguish between women’s porn and using fiction to reinforce Biblical principles, plus striving to make headway that more talk about sex is needed in the church.

    • @Madeline12 – I don’t think all love stories are sin. In my mind the Song of Songs being in the Bible puts that idea to rest. What’s portrayed and how is the issue, and I think fiction is a powerful way to teach right from wrong. Isn’t that what Jesus did with parables?
      That said, I don’t think a romance novel has to have inappropriate sex or even sex at all to be potentially dangerous. Some romance novels (and most chick flicks from what I can see) portray things that are completely unrealistic. Most of them make men into women with muscles and a penis – with the latter item not being influenced by real male sexuality in any way. This creates a fantasy version of men that no real man can or wants to fulfil. It’s not a sexual fantasy so much as a romantic one, but it’s every bit as unrealistic and harmful as a man’s porn fueled fantasy woman.
      I’m sure what you write is not along these lines. It’s unfortunate you get pigeonholed – and I totally get that. When we started (19 years ago) we got a lot of hate e-mail from Christians. We also had Christian owned server companies refuse to take our site.
      Do what God has called you to do and leave the rest up to him!
      Paul Byerly recently posted…Where Can You Do Some Home Fix-Up?My Profile

    • Madeline12, do you promote unmarried sexual encounters as Biblical?
      I was not sure what you were suggesting?

      There are certainly many references to married sexuality in the Bibles. That is a wonderful premise to speak for God’s pleasures in marriage.

      Also, understand that no writing will be appreciated by all folks. There is no way to “please” people who want to ridicule your work.

      That being said, if you endorse or promote sexuality between unmarried couples, it is not Biblically accurate.

      However, if you write about hot sex scenes, of a married couple, go for it.

      Then as Paul mentioned within the Sing of Solomon, sex is very hot if you read it accurately.
      Jerry Stumpf recently posted…3 Intimate, Enchanting Components to Gently Nurture Your Marriage Bond  My Profile

      • Not at all. The point is the exact opposite. I include no sex scenes at all as I do not want to arouse anyone or lead her into sin. The point is to teach Biblical principles through fiction.

        And since no Christian publishers or sites will touch my stuff, I publish elsewhere – and have a small but dedicated unsaved following to whom I have repeatedly had the chance to share the gospel.

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