Strip to the Ankles for Better Sex

Back in 2005, some researchers in the Netherlands stumbled on an interesting thing. In a cool setting, wearing socks increases a woman’s odds of reaching orgasm by more than 50%.

Strip to the Ankles for Better Sex

Sex Socks

Any warm pair of socks will work for this, but why not go one better and get a pair of nice socks just for sex? They could be lacy or black or some bright colour (red would be very good). They can go to the knee or not even cover your ankle. 

Once hubby knows these are your “sex socks” they can be used as a way of initiating or inviting sex. They can also be used to tease him – show up to watch TV with him and the kids wearing the socks that tell him there is adult fun time on the agenda later in the evening.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m all about her comfort!

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4 Comments on “Strip to the Ankles for Better Sex

  1. After sharing your last post and comments with my husband, we are agreed that showing him my bra strap is our ‘go for it’ signal, LOL! :-)

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