Avoid the Holiday Crazies This Year

Tomorrow is the two months till Christmas mark, and most of us have other holidays before and after that.

The gauntlet is about to begin!

Avoid the Holiday Crazies This Year

I love the holidays and being with family, but I know the stress and pressure can lead to craziness and hurt marriages. A lot of bad plans get approved in the name of tradition or family unity, and I think we need to reexamine those things.

Some degree of busyness and stress may be unavoidable, especially if you have kids at home. But the holidays shouldn’t put your marriage on hold or leave you feeling disconnected from your husband in January. Do some thinking about past holiday seasons and consider what you would like to not do or not experience this year. Then have a nice talk with your hubby about it. Ask him what he dislikes about past holidays and tell him what was bad for you. Then plan for something different this year.

BTW, doing what is necessary to make the holidays better for you and your marriage may upset some folks, especially family. It’s sad those people put themselves ahead of your marriage, but they do. Don’t follow their lead!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m trying to hold off on Christmas music till the first of November!

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One Comment on “Avoid the Holiday Crazies This Year

  1. No Christmas until Advent for me. It isn’t easy, and people do think I’m odd! But I keep Christmas until the Epiphany (which just happens to be my birthday).

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