Why “It’s My Fault” Is So Powerful

Over on The Generous Husband, I’m often accused of blaming men for everything and giving women a pass. Here I’ve been accused of the gender switched reverse.

Why "It's My Fault" Is So Powerful

Part of this is a matter of audience. Telling women what men are doing wrong doesn’t give the women any actions to take. But it’s bigger than that.

I have power over my stuff! I can’t change my wife, but I can change me. I can’t do anything about what she does wrong or where she falls short, but I can address my weaknesses, shortcomings, and sins. Focusing on what my wife has done wrong might make me feel better about myself, but does nothing to make the situation better. When I find any hint of fault in what I’ve said or done in a situation it means I’m empowered to make a change.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I don’t like being wrong, but I like the fact that it means I can make changes

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