Why Less Really Is So Much More

I’ve been talking about downsizing and minimalism for a long time. Then we moved into an RV and hit the road last fall. Living with less was no longer a goal or a theory, it was an unavoidable fact of life.

And we love it!

Why Less Really Is So Much More

Neither Lori nor I have any desire to ever again live in a home of more than 600 sq. feet. We don’t need more space than that, and we don’t want to pay for or care for it. We like the fact keeping the house clean is a minor task, and we like being forced to make decisions about things. Pretty much anything we buy has to replace something. One in, one out is a way of life now.

It’s amazing how little you need to be healthy and happy, and it’s amazing how much easier it is to be healthy and happy when you have less and do less. All too often our stuff owns us rather than the other way around, and stuff can be a tyrant. 

What would less look like for you? How would that feel?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’ve learned less is way more!

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6 Comments on “Why Less Really Is So Much More

  1. We live in a very small house. Right now, with so many growing children, it is overwhelming and I wish we had more square footage. At least one more bedroom and a half bath would make all the difference. However, this house, as is, will be perfect for us when we are empty nesters. Considering we only have 14 years left until our youngest is in college, and how fast time flies, I think we can hold on. I am encouraging my oldest to consider starting to build a tiny house for himself.

  2. I know you are probably right on this. Our current house is 1100 sf plus a full basement that is also finished. Although I have completely remodeled the house and it is nicer than what we can afford to replace it with we are looking at moving because we don’t have a entry foyer and mud room. The current house is paid off and what she says is bigger enough is almost more than we can afford, and I feel like we will still not have as nice as house as we currently do. This has me stressed out and wish we could just stay .

    • My large family and I live in less square footage than you with an unfinished basement, no mud room, and no entry foyer. Oh, and only one bathroom and two bedrooms. We have several children.

      If upgrading puts you at an economic disadvantage then don’t do it. You have a home better than the vast majority of the world has. Pray your wife is contented with that.

      I would say for my family a larger home is as much a need as a want. With a larger number of children than bedrooms, and half of us have chronic digestive system issues but only one bathroom I would cry my eyes out if we were able to have a larger home. But, God has us “stuck” here in our small house. Meaning I prayed for bigger and got a no. So, I am learning to be contented with little. To go bigger would destroy our finances. We can barely afford this small house, but the mortgage is cheaper than rent.

  3. The thing I like most about having less is finding creative ways to use a single item for several different purposes.

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