Make Room for Holiday Sex This Year

Many husbands, possibly most, have come to understand the holiday season as a time of less and poorer sex. The busyness of the season makes it hard to find time, while stress and tiredness make it less than great when it does happen.

Make Room for Holiday Sex This Year

There are a lot of things I could say about this, but I’ll keep it simple. When the holidays mean less sex, the clear message is “you are less important to me than what I’m doing for the holidays”. And, ladies, that hurts. It hurts a great deal.

How can you make sure you don’t send this message this year?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I enjoy the holiday season more now that we do less.

Related Post: One of the men who reads The Generous Husband asked me to be sure you ladies saw the Have Some Slow, Easy, Mind-blowing Sex post I did a couple of weeks ago. This is the polar opposite of hurried sex. Making time for this kind of sex a few times between now and the New Year would certainly tell him he matters!

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5 Comments on “Make Room for Holiday Sex This Year

  1. In a way, this is just what I should say to my husband. He has a lower sex drive than I do, sometimes much lower. A lot of it is due to work and stress. He seems to have a hard time understanding why this makes me feel ugly and like less of a woman.

    Perhaps if I told him a variation of what you said here – when work means less sex (and we’re talking all the time, not just a bad week here, a bad week there) – I should tell him I strongly feel he is saying “you are FAR less important to me than work.”

    Because as soon as I read that, I related it to how I feel, and maybe that will help him understand. Thanks for the analogy!

  2. The holidays mean more sex here. Hubby has more time off of work which means more time and energy for sex. The same old sex, nothing long lingering, and special, but sex nonetheless.

  3. It’s almost as though women are busier than men with all the holiday doing. :-D

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