What If You Could Just Start Over?

Do you still get hung up on things your husband is no longer doing? Do you avoid doing things you want to do because they caused relation problems with hubby in the past? Does he do the same?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could both wipe those things from your memories and start over?

What If You Could Just Start Over?

How would the two of you, the people you are now, get along if you were newly married? Would it be better than how you’re getting along these days?

I’ve not found a way to wipe our memories, but I know we can choose to change how we think and react. Feelings are more difficult, but they will follow if we stick with it. If you know he has changed in some way, start acting like he has changed even when you don’t feel it. Likewise for the places where you’ve changed; act like the person you are now not the one you used to be.

When you catch yourself reacting to something that’s no longer true stop and change. If you’ve made a rude remark or acted less than loving because of memories, explain, apologise, and go on.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’m so glad Lori treats me as I am not as I was!

Great Post: Over on For Better – Or What?,  Rosemary had a post that is a perfect fit with what I’m trying to do here: Thin Skinned?

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