Give the Gift of the You He Wants and Needs

Want to give your guy the ultimate Christmas gift this year?

Give the Gift of the You He Wants and Needs

Give him a new version of you, a version that’s more focused on loving and blessing him. No matter how well you do at loving him, you can do better. The key to doing it is figuring out what he most wants and needs. Not what you think he should want and need, and not even what he thinks he wants and needs. Let God show you what’s best for your husband, and do that. If you get it even half way right he’ll have a fantastic 2017.

Don’t announce this gift to him. Give him whatever you would give anyway, and make this a silent gift.

~ Paul – I’m XY and I’m getting this gift for Lori this year.

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4 Comments on “Give the Gift of the You He Wants and Needs

    • @Jerry Stumpf – Certainly a challenge for a mother of young children. The trick is to prioritise his needs well. If you only have time and energy for a bit, you MUST hit the big ones. Get a few of the major ones fairly well and he’ll be fine. Hit some of the less important and skip a big one and he won’t feel much at all.
      And yes, for most guys sex is one of the big ones. The woman who dismisses that as unimportant makes a big mistake.
      Paul Byerly recently posted…You Should Plan A Really Fancy DateMy Profile

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