All He Wants for Christmas is a Bit of Sex

For many husbands, one reality of the Christmas season is less sex. Busyness, stress, and lack of sleep get in the way, resulting in less or way less sex than normal.

All He Wants for Christmas is a Bit of Sex

I suspect women do this to their guy without even being aware of it. Many women can easily lose track of sex when they’re busy. They think they did it “a couple of days ago” when it’s actually been a week or more. 

Take a moment and think about it. When did you last have sex? And before that? Is Christmas putting a dink in your sex life?

If you realise this is an issue, but you just don’t have the time, energy, or focus to be sexual, consider offering him something just for him. Tell him you realise it’s been too long and you’re sorry. Explain you don’t think you can get there for yourself, but you want to take care of him and you will enjoy the intimacy as you do. 

Bonus points for sex Christmas Eve!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and Lori is the Generous Wife! ;-)

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7 Comments on “All He Wants for Christmas is a Bit of Sex

  1. I left this open on the computer for my husband to see because we just had sex this morning. However – for the rest of the day, he sits and watches tv while I clean, cook, and get something to take to HIS family get-together, so, maybe don’t tell women to say “I’m sorry”. :-)

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    My married daughters have had the same problem as you list here. My suggestion to them was to ask their husbands to help them. Give them a job. I think your man would be willing to help, he just doesn’t know what to do, nor does he see that you need help. Men aren’t wired to notice these things, you have to tell them (or politely ask them). My husband is glad to help if I just ask him. He has even been asked so many times that he now asks what he can do to help. Just something I have learned in my 37 years of marriage.

    • I was particularly annoyed after doing one of his house chores (vacuuming the bedroom) because I felt the second coming would happen before he ever did it. Lest you think I’m too fussy, in two years he may have vacuumed the bedroom four times. His shower – used only by him – has never been cleaned since he moved in. But I love him and I never refuse him. I do get aggravated, though.

  3. @Anonymous
    Vacuuming the bedroom is his chore, but he’s only done it four times in two years? Do you vacuum the bedroom if he doesn’t do it? Doesn’t sound like it’s “his” chore. As far as the shower goes, men often have a higher tolerance in such matters. Good for you that you love him and don’t refuse him. Many women would have cut him off sexually.

    But it seems to me that there is a lack of communication here. I have no idea how long you’ve been married, but in my 36 years of marriage, my wife has found that if she asks me, I’ll help in any way she wants. And I’ve learned to ask. Maybe the two of you need to work on some clearer communication about expectations in your home.

    Back to Paul’s original post, and, I think, speaking for most husbands, men really do appreciate a wife who is sexually generous. It’s not just about the needs of my body, but the needs of my heart. I try to be the best husband I can, though I often fail. But I’m so glad my wife recognizes that I want that closeness, without holding my failures up to me. And this Christmas, we are making time for more sex, giving each other on of the greatest gifts God has given us.

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