Say No to Something(s)

I  usually talk about being generous and saying yes whenever possible. Today I want to encourage you to do something different.

 Say No to Something(s)

Say no to something – or several somethings – on your Christmas to-do list. Back out of a party, downscale something you have planned, or ask someone else to cover something. Make some time for some sanity and rest. 

You could go even further and ask your husband to help you decide what really needs to happen and what’s unnecessary. Don’t back out on commitments, but don’t feel you have to please everyone who invites you to something.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I hate to see Christmas run anyone over like a fully loaded log truck!

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3 Comments on “Say No to Something(s)

  1. I can just picture husbands reading this and screaming at the screen, “just not sex! Don’t say no to sex!!” Lol!!

    I said no to Christmas cards this year. It is just too much for me to do them…and since I do them alone with no help either in chores I would otherwise do or in writing out the cards, I decided this year I will take a pass.

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