Plan Now for A Better Next Year

So it’s the day after Christmas. How do you feel? Do you feel great, tired but blessed, or like you were run over by a team of reindeer? 

Plan Now for A Better Next Year

Do you want next year to go a lot like this year, or would you like to change a few things… or a lot of things?

This is the time to plan next year, while this year is fresh in your mind. Grab your hubby and discuss this Christmas season. Agree on what you want to keep, what you can live without, and what you really need to not do again. Nothing is sacrosanct, have the hard discussions about family or office parties or whatever it is you really disliked this year.

Once you get it all talked out, write it down and save it for next year. That way what you do next year can be informed by how you felt about this year.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and we had a nice sane Christmas.

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One Comment on “Plan Now for A Better Next Year

  1. We had a very different year. Very calm as our kids and grandkids are out of town. We will have some of them here for New Year’s day.

    I wrote a new eBook titled “Save Your Marriage” since so many couples have severe issues starting the new year, for many reasons. (click the related link and enjoy a new Year’s Gift!)

    Thank you for your ministry!
    Jerry Stumpf recently posted…10 captivating questions to save your marriage and spice up your marriageMy Profile

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