Don’t Let Busyness Hurt, Maim, or Kill Your Marriage

Looking for a good New Year’s resolution? How about more down time? Resolve to get better sleep and have less running at a million miles an hour. Take a day off here and there, and take at least a couple of weekends off with hubby. 

In short, make time to relax and enjoy life.

Don't Let Busyness Hurt, Maim, or Kill Your Marriage

I know, you have too much to do to relax. And I also know hubby expects too much of you. But as I see it you’re both putting your health and your marriage at danger, and that’s not okay! Stress and busyness will hurt a good marriage and end a marriage in trouble. Beyond that, it makes you less happy and shortens your life. But don’t take my word for it. Take the 30 Day Challenge and Save Your Marriage from the Tyranny of the Urgent .

~ Paul – I’m XY and I want my wife to enjoy life!

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3 Comments on “Don’t Let Busyness Hurt, Maim, or Kill Your Marriage

  1. They’re changing my PTO policy at work from accruing to use-it-or-lose-it. And I have to admit … I’m totally psyched. I’m already planning to take random days off throughout the year. Sometimes, I want to be productive (like cleaning out the hall closet or wiping down blinds and fan blades, the types of chores I just don’t have time to do). But I’m also planning on taking days to just do nothing … like sleep in, go to a coffee shop, maybe do some window shopping or got to a park. I think it’ll help me unwind my brain and be better in my daily life and work. And they’re “forcing” me to do it!

    I am going to try to encourage my husband to do one of the lazy days with me. He doesn’t have as much PTO banked (I’ve been at my workplace over 10 years, so I have a larger number of days), but taking even a day every couple of months would be nice, just to be together.

    A girl can dream….

  2. I enjoyed your class a few months ago for us, Paul. I had not thought about this subject as being so broad based. People still make comments about you and Lori’s presentation from time to time.

    Marriages get so jam packed that couples need to stop every once in a while to introduce themselves again. Sad but true.

    Encouraging weekly date night with no electronic devices is a high priority for our coaching.
    Jerry Stumpf recently posted…9 Fascinating Tips to Disperse Marriage Arguments And Have A Happy MarriageMy Profile

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