If He Can Warn You, Why Can’t He Stop?

So you’re enjoying sex with hubby. Then he informs you his climax is imminent, and a second or two later he’s done. 

If he can warn you, why can’t he stop?

If He Can Warn You, Why Can't He Stop?

The confusion here is that men tend to think of climax as starting when they feel the contractions of ejaculation. This is when semen leaves the body and it’s when the pleasure of orgasm starts. In reality, climax starts a bit sooner when several body parts force fluid into the part of the urethra inside the prostate. The fluids are mixed and held until contractions force it all out of the body. The moment when the fluids start to mix is called ejaculatory inevitability. It’s like dropping a rock from a bridge. At the moment the rock is released it is inevitable it will strike the water below. So when hubby warns you, he’s not telling you he is about to drop the rock, he is telling you it has been dropped.

~ Paul – I’m XY and guys shouldn’t expect women to understand body parts they don’t have.


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6 Comments on “If He Can Warn You, Why Can’t He Stop?

  1. Paul writes “guys shouldn’t expect women to understand body parts they don’t have.” And the reverse is true: “women shouldn’t expect guys to understand body parts they don’t have.” But I read that many women do. Women, do you?

  2. Tom- Nope. Not one bit. I understand that my parts are (even after 20 years) foreign to my man. But I don’t hold that against him. We enjoy trying to figure each other out. And it’s neat that as the years pass, what we enjoy changes, so it’s always a new adventure!

  3. My husband has tried to explain all this to me several times. He’s had prostate surgery causing retrograde ejaculation but he still has an ‘o’. So what’s that about? (I tell him all the time, I’m glad the man-parts are his to worry about, though I do like that he lets me play with them.)

  4. Neither gender can fully understand body parts they don’t have, but I think it’s only fair that each tries to understand as much as we can. Thanks for the explanation.

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