A Man’s Need for Adventure

In some ways, this post is a follow up on Monday’s He’s Not a Child (Even if He Acts Like One!) post.

I believe God designed men to crave adventure. For most of human history, men’s lives were full of things that were either seen as adventure or disaster. The man who embraced the adventure was more likely to survive, as were his wife and kids.

A Man's Need for Adventure

Today most of what men need to do has no sense of adventure. If the most adventure a man gets all day is his drive to and from work, he has a problem. He has a God-given desire that is being denied, and denied desires have a way of popping up in bad places and wrong ways.

You may never understand his zest for adventure, but that does not make it wrong or unimportant. The wife who supports her husband following adventure gains a great deal of love and respect. Such a wife also gains a right to suggest some adventure is great while other things might be just a bit too risky. When a wife rejects all adventure her man stops listening to her. When she expresses concern for some things he gives that real weight in his decision process.

~ Paul – I’m XY and being married has tempered but not ended my love of adventure.

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