Share Your Gratitude List – You Might Learn Something

In her Share Your Gratitude post, my wonderful wife mentioned that she gave me a list of 32 things about me for which she is grateful. The one that really got me, tears and all, was

#9 your driving skills

Share Your Gratitude List - You Might Learn Something

I’ve never been at fault for an accident and I’ve managed to avoid several close calls caused by others. For many years my work involved a lot of driving and I feel confident in my skills. I think I am competent, safe, and sane. I also realise I was a bit of risk taker on the road when I was younger. I was alway able to handle it, but it caused my dear wife some anxiety. 

Last year I drove ten tons of truck and RV some 35,000 miles. No accidents, not even with trailer tire flats and a blowout. Still, Lori was sometimes nervous because of our size and long stopping distance, and closer to scared on a few of the mountain passes. She told me she trusted my driving, but I was still aware of her apprehension.

So, it really blessed me that she included my driving skills on a list of things about me for which she is grateful.

If you told your husband what you are grateful for about him, what might you learn?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife trusts my driving!

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3 Comments on “Share Your Gratitude List – You Might Learn Something

  1. Yesterday I wrote my list of 31 things I love about my spouse on red stationary and shared it with him when I gave him his gift. He absolutely loved it! I honestly didn’t know that it would have that effect on him! He acted like I gave him his dream car! The thrill that I experienced from seeing him so happy is inexplicable and I finally felt like I gave him a gift he really loved!
    Please thank your wife for the wonderful idea.

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