Husband Dear, Follow Me In My Sin

A couple of weeks back I pointed the men over on The Generous Husband to Gary Thomas’ excellent post The Worst Betrayal of Marriage and warned them not to let their “secret sins” spill over and hurt their wives.

Husband Dear, Follow Me In My Sin

But this works both ways; plenty of women have led their husbands into sin. The Bible is full of warnings about this, with many being warnings about women of “other gods” leading men away from the one true God. I’ve seen several men follow their wife into heresy, and I’ve seen ministries destroyed by this.

The Bible also warns men about being lead into sexual sin by a woman. These warnings are about women other than the man’s wife, but the reality is men are easily tempted by sex and if you suggest some sexual sin to your husband he might follow you into it even while being aware it’s not right.

My point here is your choices have an impact on your husband – probably a bigger impact than you realise. As I told the guys, sin is never a private thing. Sin always affects those around you and it affects those closest to you the most. Your sinful choices may hurt your husband, your children, and your friends. The stakes are high, so be careful and prayerful! 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife is trying to lead me into being neat and organised.

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