He WANTS To Do Oral On You

Recently I was reading a post about oral sex somewhere, I don’t recall where, and a woman commented she couldn’t figure out why any man would be willing to put his face “down there”. Several other women agreed with her.

Why He WANTS To Do Oral On You

The truth is most men are way more than willing – they WANT TO do oral sex on their wife.

Over on The MarrIage Bed, we’ve done a couple of surveys on this issue. Here are a few of the findings:

  • In a survey answered by 574 men, not a single man said he disliked or hated doing oral on his wife. In the other survey, answered by 754 men, slightly less than 2% choose any of the “don’t like it answers”.
  • 74% of men say doing oral on their wife makes them very horny, while another 10% said it makes them horny. That means 84% of men find it arousing to give oral. (And half said it was the surest way to get them aroused.)
  • 48% said they wished their wife would let them do it more often.
  • 43% said they love the smell and taste, and another 29% said they like it. Only 4% said they dislike the smell or taste.
  • In the comments, several men expressed regret or frustration that their wife was unwilling to receive oral sex.

I know there are men who don’t enjoy or want to do oral sex, but they are a very slim minority. The odds are good your husband would enjoy doing it. In fact, the odds are about 50/50 he wants to do it or do it more often.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and that’s all I’m saying.

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46 Comments on “He WANTS To Do Oral On You

  1. Not mine! He used to but stopped it 8 years into our marriage and said he never liked it.

  2. Hmm, interesting. I don’t really see the appeal of oral sex either (giving or receiving) but I don’t find it all that strange that others do. Well, not any stranger than wanting to do ANY sex act that is, LOL. The way I see it, if a man is more than willing to put other parts of his anatomy “down there,” why NOT his face? It’s not like it’s any grosser that way than any other, so why not let him, if he and you are both willing?

    I think those women had a severe case of internalized misogyny, personally. It’s either that or homophobia. I’m assuming that these were all straight women? In which case I can understand how they wouldn’t know why a man would actually WANT to give oral, simply because that is an attraction they personally do not feel towards other women, being straight rather than gay or bi. I’ve heard straight men say similar things regarding anal sex and gay men, along the lines of “I don’t know why a man would ever want to stick his penis in another man’s butt,” and I would just look at them and think, “well of course you don’t! You’re not gay, genius! If you WERE, then you might understand.”

    Of course, it’s possible that those women just simply don’t like giving oral sex (perfectly valid) and consequently had a hard time imagining that anyone else really does like to. Sometimes it’s hard to really understand that other people ARE different from oneself, or respect that that difference is valid even if one doesn’t understand.

    • Amazing Ace – Even more than internalized misogyny or homophobia is being taught your genitals are gross and dirty. This is all too common even today. Some of it is intentional, some is passed on unintentionally by a mother who felt this way.

      • Yes, that IS a particularly nasty form of internalized misogyny, that’s for sure. I really hate that women have been made to feel that way about themselves, made to feel that the bodies God gave to them are somehow dirty and wrong, when God said that they are “very good.” I’ve seen the harm done by that lie, and it’s one of the worst lies out there, honestly. You’re doing good work by active fighting against it with this post, Paul. Keep up the good work!

  3. I used to say that I didn’t know why women would give a man OS, how disgusting. After I married, I realized that men’s external organs aren’t slimy or smelly; they have nice skin just like on a hand, and aren’t unpleasant at all. My stuff is tucked away, hard to keep clean and is not at all nice, in my opinion, plus it looks more like the inside of the body (mucus membranes), which we don’t usually think of as attractive. I don’t think it’s internalized misogyny.

    • @Anonymous on this one “which we don’t usually think of as attractive”
      The vast majority of men feel very different about both the vulva and the mouth. Most men see it as very beautiful.

    • Well, if you thinking that your female genitals are dirty, ugly, and gross ISN’T internalized misogyny, then I don’t know what is. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s most likely IS a duck, rather than a platypus.

      • @Amazing Ace – I think of misogyny as much more sweeping. I suspect disliking one’s genitals is common for plenty of women who are not at all anti-female in day to day life.

        • Paul,
          Please pardon my rudeness when I say, “well duh!” You must think I’m pretty dim if you think I don’t know that misogyny is a “much more sweeping” problem than merely “disliking one’s genitals.” Its only a symptom, I know. And I also know that there are many, MANY different forms of misogyny, just as there are many forms of every kind of prejudice. Some of them are more subtle than others, some so subtle that they can creep into one’s mind and take up residence there, unchallenged. Hence the term “internalized misogyny.” And if it’s not dragged out into the clear light of day and shown for what it is in plainspoken words, then it will go on living inside one’s head unchallenged for YEARS, just festering away, and be past on to the next generation. In case you haven’t figured this out by now, I call this sort of thing out when I see it. If I don’t, then I will bear a part of the responsibility of allowing sexism and misogyny to thrive in our world, and WILL answer for it come judgment day. THAT is why I spoke as I did before, and I will neither apologize for it nor retract it.

          • @Amazing Ace – I don’t think you’re dim, I think you and I are working with different definitions so I was clarifying what I think when I hear that word.
            Is disliking one’s genitals a symptom of misogyny? For some, I’m sure it is, but I don’t think that is a given.
            What “Anonymous on this one” said is instructive here. She assumed men’s genitals were wet and smelly like a woman’s, and couldn’t imagine putting her mouth on one. When she found the penis has normal skin she was just fine with doing oral. It was not the gender of the sex organs that grossed her out, it was the idea of wetness and smell.
            There is plenty of misogyny in the world, and I’m against it. The thing is we can be guilty of crying wolf, and that does more to harm the cause than to help it. Give someone one proven play of the misogyny card and you give them justification to ignore real examples.
            You and I agree it’s wrong for women to think their sex organs are gross, so let’s work to change that.

            • I’m glad to hear that you are against it, even if you’re not very good at recognizing it when you see. That’s OK, it takes a lot of time and practice to get good at spotting misogyny, especially the more subtle forms. In the meantime, you would do well to listen to those who know more what they’re talking about.

              Anonymous said that men’s penises have “nice skin” and “aren’t unpleasant at all.” That sounds good, right? Very positive. Now, contrast that directly with what she has to say about her own genitals (and, by extension, every other female person’s). It’s “tucked away, hard to keep clean” (i.e. dirty). It’s “not at all nice” and “like the inside of the body” (i.e. unpleasant, disgusting, or “gross”). She further adds that its not something “we usually think of as attractive” (a nice way of saying she thinks women’s genitals are ugly). In short, she could hardly have a much more negative and self-hating view of female anatomy if she TRIED. She may not think that that’s being misogynistic, but it IS, whether she thinks so or not. That’s very literally woman-hating, aka misogyny.

              I’m not crying wolf; that would be if I was calling for attention to something that isn’t a real problem. This IS a real problem, that effects many women. So, Paul, just exactly how big a problem does something have to be before it’s worthy of attention? What would happen if we treated EVERY problem the same way we treat the problems of sexism and misogyny that effect men and women? “I’m sorry Paul, we can’t fix your broken tooth until there’s a cure for cancer. People are literally DYING, and yet you have the nerve to complain about one tiny little toothache? Come back when you have a REAL problem. Until then, stop wasting our time crying wolf over such little things.”

              But humans DON’T do that with other kinds of problems. And why not? Because (thankfully) we as a species excel at working on multiple problems to find solutions to at once. Some people work on cancer research, others work on dentistry. Some people work on solving big world problems, by becoming ambassadors who strive to bring peace to warring nations, while others work on the much smaller problems, by becoming marriage bloggers who strive to bring peace and harmony into the lives of married couples. Just because a problem is relatively small, doesn’t mean that it is unworthy of attention. The various problems misogyny (big or small) causes in people’s lives are no different in that regard from any other set of problems humanity has to deal with, and so should not be treated differently. You don’t get to decide for other people which problems they want to focus on fixing. As you say, there’s lots of misogyny to go around, so all the more reason to work on multiple things at once. It’s all hands on deck, or we’ll never get anywhere.

              • @Amazing Ace – It’s not about the problem or how big it is, it’s about attributing it to something that may not be the primary cause.
                Sometimes we mess up or change of making changes by trying the issue to something that may or may not be the cause.
                I understand the desire to pin blame, but if I can solve the problem without pinning blame and will get stuck in an argument if I try to pin blame, I see solving the problem as a much better option.

                • I’m not trying to pin blame on any one person, nothing could be farther from the truth or what I had intended. It’s not Anonymous’s fault that she feels that way, anymore than it’s anyone’s fault for living in a society that hates women and everything about them, their genitals included. How could anyone avoid picking up these toxic ideas in such an environment? If I came off as blaming her or anyone else, then I apologize for that. But how, may I ask, can one even begin to solve a problem if one will not even put a name to it? How can one begin to change, if one isn’t even aware one has a problem? What you mistakenly call “pinning blame,” I call “drawing attention to a problem someone isn’t aware they have that needs fixing,” which is a very different beast altogether.

                • @Amazing Ace – So women hating their genitals is the fault of men, the vast majority of whom do not hate women’s genitals? I am so lost.
                  I’m all for calling attention – but that does not require speculating about who’s fault things are. Such speculation is more likely to get in the way than help.

                • Paul,
                  Who’s speculating? I’M not speculating. Are YOU speculating? Yes, I think you must be. How else would you have gotten the idea from ANYTHING I wrote just now that I’m blaming men?! You really are lost! I literally said, “I’m not blaming her OR ANYONE ELSE.” And that includes men, in case that wasn’t made clear to you by my use of caps just now. Although, to further clarify, it’s also not NOT men’s fault either. And by that I mean sexism and misogyny is everyone’s fault, and that everyone (men AND women both) plays a part in perpetuating it, and that everyone should be responsible for dismantling it. If one isn’t actively rowing against the stream, then one is carried along by it, whether one likes it or not.

                  If men DON’T hate women’s genitals, then why do they use the term “p***y” to insult each another? The way that word is used is meant to imply weakness, inferiority, and contemptibility. If that kind of hatred for women’s genitals didn’t exist, then it would be no insult; but since it is, I must conclude that there are some men (more than just a few) who DO in fact hate women’s genitals. Just because you want to stick your penis in something doesn’t automatically mean you love it, or don’t hate it. Just that it’s there, and some people like the challenge of getting to it. That’s not love.

                • @Amazing Ace – You are really reaching to make your point. Men call each other “dick” and other words used for male sex organs, and those words are also insults.
                  I’m done with this, we’re not going anywhere.

                • Very well, we may stop for now if you like. It isn’t my fault we’re not getting anywhere, if you won’t listen or try to understand, I did my best. I knew we wouldn’t be able to the second you felt the need to put words in my mouth that I never said (and yet I’M the one who’s “reaching? . . .) in an attempt to defend yourself by derailing the discussion.

                  If it makes you feel any better, I DO, in fact, have a big problem with people using the word “d**k” as an insult as well. I feel that is just as demeaning to men. The only difference is that there is a different word for that: misandry. I didn’t feel the need to being it up before because that was not what we were discussing at the time, we were discussing misogyny. It simply wasn’t relevant at the time. That is all.

          • I think it’s definitely unwarranted to say that when a woman doesn’t like her genitals, that it’s internalized misogyny. I think it’s more likely just that she doesn’t like the look, feel, smell, etc. of them.

            While we’re on the subject, I’m a guy and I’m not a big fan of women’s genitals. I think they look mighty strange, and are often, well, let’s say less than fresh-smelling. Now a woman’s breasts – don’t get me started. I could write books on how much I love them. :-) (Now if a woman feels offended by my comment on female genitalia and wants to pipe in on how ugly a penis is to her, go right ahead. It doesn’t offend me. Sometimes I’d even agree with you.)

            As for misogyny, I’d like to hear people also talk about the rising tide of misandry in the US and around the world.

            • But how many women do think there would be who dislike their genitals if there wasn’t larger (misogynistic) cultural forces at work putting the idea in their heads that their vaginas are gross, something to despise? That’s what it means to internalize something, to hear it so often in so many places that you begin to believe it as fact, to perhaps even think it is your own idea and not realise it was put there by others. I bet there would be very few women who would really and truly disliked their parts if there wasn’t all these external voices telling them to. Maybe they wouldn’t love them either, but even just being ambivalent would be an improvement in outlook for some.

              As for penises, well, what can I say? They’re . . . penises. While I don’t find them especially beautiful, I also can’t say that I find them ugly or offensive in any way. They simply are. Not something to get excited about, but not something to be upset by either. Kinda like eyebrows; not something anyone really needs, but they’d look very strange without ’em. And that’s more or less how I feel about vaginas, too. Supremely ambivalent. *shrug*

              • Amazing Ace, I don’t understand why you think there are women-hating cultural forces at work here. Society says that women are beautiful, and men are not. It seems to me that there are men-hating cultural forces at work.

                • I think this because it is so. I’ve seen it at work in the world in the lives around me, I have felt its influence, and what I haven’t personally seen or felt I have heard accounts of from women I know. And unlike some people, I actually do them the courtesy of believing them. Radical, I know. :-)

                  Maybe you haven’t seen it for yourself yet. Doesn’t mean it’s not there, only that you’ve been oblivious to it up until now. Likewise, I haven’t personally been to moon and seen it up close. But there are those who have, and I believe them when they say it’s real, that they’ve been there and taken pictures to prove it. And even if I didn’t, all I would have to do is look up at the moon in the sky to see that it’s really there, and look at the tides to know that the moon exerts a gravitational force that influences them.

                  If your really interested, then I would encourage you to do your own research on the subject. There is a lot of information available to you online, should you wish to use it, and any number of female writers online who are more than willing to share their experiences and answer respectful questions. Here’s a link to a good site with some basic information for a beginner such as yourself to help get you started:

  4. I do enjoy it but I also do not enjoy giving it. It seems to me quite selfish to receive but not reciprocate.
    Sometimes I am not interested because I’m not interested in returning the favor.

    • @Eliza – I wonder what he would say if you told your hubby that? I know plenty of men would say they want to give even if they don’t receive.

  5. One of the things I love most about my and my husband’s sex life is that oral is something we both love giving to each other ,and receiving from each other. We have an active sex life, and that’s one major part of it, for which we are both thankful. This is one of those areas where so many Christians, (especially women) seem to get hung up, and I don’t know why. I understand it more if one has a background of sexual trauma, of course, or even just personal dislike. But so many seem to think it’s wrong specifically as Christians. Paul, do you know why this is? Isn’t oral actually talked about in Song of Songs, though of course not in those words?

    • I have heard Christians say it is wrong because it is a homosexual act. Other Christians say it is wrong because only PIV intercourse is God’s design. I think Catholics believe all ejaculation must be done in the vagina.

      I asked my husband if he believed it was wrong and he said no. Absolutely boggles and blows my mind that he has no desire for oral or interest in it, especially since it seems virtually all men supposedly love it.

      • @Alicia & libl – Yeah, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons why it’s wrong. Of course, none of them is biblical and some twist the Bible in ways I find wrong.
        As for the RCC, oral stimulation as foreplay is allowed. Some sources say it’s okay for female orgasm after intercourse. But for the man, nope.

    • I’m Catholic, and yes, we are taught that anything is allowable between husband and wife that is loving, as long as ejaculation is PIV. We are past child-bearing so I don’t worry about it.

  6. I agree about the arousal factor. The smell and taste of my wife’s genitals is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. she can take it or leave it, it doesn’t do much for her arousal. But I’m glad she lets me experience her with all my senses.

  7. I read an article with a little bit of a different twist on this.

    Dr. Daniel Kelly, associate professor of philosophy at Purdue University says that disgust is an “extension of our immune system that helps prevent people from getting infected by making them wary of things, like bodily fluids, that potentially carry disease or make people vulnerable”.

    David Buss, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas Austin said, “Women show far more disgust and especially sexual disgust, than men”. He also states that, “sexual arousal can override disgust.”

    The article “How Arousal Overrides Disgust During Sex: Study” by Catherine Pearson in the Huffington Post 9/12/2012 references a Dutch study (published online in the journal “PLoS ONE”, and talks about how sexual arousal can let a woman do something that a non-aroused woman might see as repulsive.

    One of the co-authors of the study, Charmaine Borg, says “These findings indicate that lack of sexual arousal may interfere with functional sex, as it may prevent the reduction of disgust and disgust-related avoidance tendencies.”

    I wonder if it’s so strong in women because they carry babies and disgust is a protective measure to keep the fetus safe….much like nausea and vomiting during the critical developmental period of gestation.

    Food for thought.

    • Ooh, that’s very interesting, Jolie! Thanks for taking the time to share that information. It certainly seems like a useful defense mechanism, so I guess that makes sense. I mean, just think how many germs are people’s mouths. One wouldn’t want just anyone putting their mouth on one’s private parts. That might explain, at least partially, why some women have such a strong visceral reaction against receiving oral sex (or sex in general). Food for thought, indeed!

    • @Jolie – Excellent thoughts, thanks! Arousal certainly can change how we think and feel. I remember some things I thought I would never want to do becoming very much desired when I was aroused with a woman I loved.
      Women, in general, do seem to be more averse to this kind of thing than men. This is odd given women generally handle blood better than men. Some sort of protective factor could certainly be at play. But there also going to be cultural stigmas. Sorting out which is which would be tricky at best.

      Along these lines, I have read the most hated English word, by women is moist. Many women have a visceral reaction to the word. Most men just find it a word, and some like the word – probably for the same reason women dislike it.

  8. “This is odd given women generally handle blood better than men”.

    Women deal with blood daily for about 1 week each month.
    Blood is part of being female.

    • @Jolie – I get that, but a lot of men think women can’t handle blood. Anyone in the medical profession knows better!
      That said, I do blood and guts better than Lori, which she will freely admit.

  9. Amazing Ace, you feel everything is misogyny. I feel you’re like someone who took a day-long course all about hammers, and now think everything around you is a nail to swing a hammer at. You find misogyny in everything, even where it most likely isn’t.

    In particular, a woman can feel her genitals are ugly without having internalized misogyny to blame.

    • Maybe so, or maybe not. *shrug* So what if I do, what’s it to you anyway? At least if I were to accidentally step on a five inch long nail with my bare foot in a hardware store, I’d know enough to be able to recognize a nail when I see one. Can you say the same? I can at least be bothered to take time to learn about these issues, which I assure you it takes considerably longer than a one day course. Did you even follow the link I provided, or give any of the articles there so much as a passing, cursory glance before coming back here to try (unsuccessfully) to belittle me? Perhaps you should consider taking a whole day sometime just to educate yourself on these matters as well. I’m sure that even in such a short span what you could learn in that time would amaze you.

      • I will read some of that site, if you will admit that a woman can feel her genitals are ugly and gross and misogyny have nothing to do with it.

        • That I will most GLADLY do, IF certain conditions are agreed upon AND met. They are as follows: 1. You must attempt to keep an open mind as you read. 2. You must think about what you read carefully, both as you read it and afterwards (I’m not going to quiz you on the material or anything like that, but you will get the most benefit from it that way). 3. You must spend not less than four hours reading (spread out over as many days as you like if that will make it easier) the equivalent of decently long (but not TOO long) day course. Of course, if after you do that you want to spend more time reading, you may, I certainly can’t and won’t try to stop you.

          If you will do all that, then I will admit anything you like. Heck, I’ll even admit that the moon is made blue cheese as long it will make you give seriously thought to feminist issues and attempt to understand them! However, if you will not, then I will admit nothing, not even that the sky is blue. Because what would be the point of me doing so, if it will not benefit you in some way? This is for YOU.

          So, do you agree to this? What say you?

          P.S. if you agree to this, I would recommend this article as a good place to for you to start:

          • Amazing Ace, nice try, but I’m not stupid. I’m not interested in you admitting to something you don’t believe. I want you to believe my statement that some women who feel their genitals are ugly and gross believe that without the influence of misogyny. As someone wrote, they’re wet and slimy. I even think they look like mangled flesh. As someone also wrote, they look like your “insides”. Now it’s fine if many guys like them anyway (I often do myself), but can’t you understand how a woman could feel that they’re ugly and gross sans misogyny?

            • If you weren’t interested in that, then why did you ask it of me? And for that matter, how do you KNOW that I do not, in fact, believe this, based in anything I’ve said? I never said that I don’t, only that I would not admit it to you publicly in this comment section unless you actually made a serious effort to do what you said you would do. I am a person who keeps their word, and I would have upheld my end of the agreement, as I said, gladly. But I can see now that your offer was not at all in earnest. So what would have been the point of me admitting it, since you probably would not have kept your end of the agreement?

              Honestly, this is something you should have done on your own anyway, WITHOUT anyone asking you to, LONG before I ever came along. What possible harm could it do you to take a little time to educate yourself about the problems and struggles that HALF of the human race has to deal with on a daily basis? These problems effect you too (directly and indirectly), you know, so even if you don’t give a crap about women’s struggles you should at least do it out self interest. But you won’t even do that, will you? It’s not even HARD, and yet you refuse to do even the bare minimum.

              So no, you’re not stupid, not by any measure. Let me assure you, I never thought that. You are, however, willfully ignorant, which is far worse. Although you may yet surprise me, who knows? If I am wrong in my estimation of you, prove it. If you will, then I am still willing to admit to you what I truly believe on the subject at hand. What I have to say on the matter might surprise you, too.

              • Nope. This was my deal to you, not your deal to me. I wrote “I will read some of that site, if you will admit that a woman can feel her genitals are ugly and gross and misogyny have nothing to do with it.” Your end comes first, then mine. Take it or leave it.

                • Before I do (I will, I will, I promise, just hold on a second), would you please answer one question I have? See, I still have absolutely no reason to believe your offer was in earnest, and that you will actually do what you promise. Perhaps, if you will answer my question, I will be able trust that you really are serious about this enough to do as you request. Right now, you don’t seem like you are serious about this.

                  So, my question is this: why is it so important to you that I do this? I can’t figure that out, it seems like such a small thing that you are allowing to keep you from doing something for yourself that could be potentially of great benefit to you. Please explain this to me, if you would; because I don’t understand it at all. Thanks in advance!

                  (And no, before you say it, it’s NOT me that’s letting a small thing keep you from this. It was you who set this obstacle in your own path, not I, you who put conditions on it in the first place. I merely expanded on what was already there, to ensure that you would get the most out of your reading.)

  10. Amazing Ace, It’s important that I know that you’re obsession with feminism, which I consider a cancer, has not stripped you entirely of your ability to reason.

    • Ah, I see. Now I understand you completely. Even if you do keep your word (which I doubt), it will do you no good. You are too closed minded to learn anything. Don’t even bother with the links, you won’t be able to understand any of it anyway, because you don’t WANT to. How could you, when you consider anyone who takes an interest in feminism to be “obsessed,” afflicted with a “cancer” and without the capacity for reason? If that’s how you see it, then it’s no wonder you want no part of it. I pity you, truly.

      I did make a promise to you in my last comment, however, that was not dependent on whether or not you would answer my question to my satisfaction. While I do not consider your reason for asking this of me a good reason, and I do not have to prove ANYTHING to you, I will keep my word regardless. I always keep my word. I will not hold you to your end of the agreement, do as you wish afterwards, I care not. Here goes:

      I, Amazing Ace, do now make a public declaration in this the comment section of the XY Code blog, that I believe Tom Hillson is correct to say that it is theoretically possible for a woman to dislike her genitals even if she was never exposed to any of the toxic, misogynistic ideas and body shaming regarding that part of her anatomy. I believe it is unlikely and rare, as short of living one’s whole life in a cave a thousand miles away from the nearest person, no one can escape being exposed to these ideas, but it is theoretically possible to do so for reasons aside from internalized misogyny.

      There, let that be an end of the matter.

  11. One doesn’t need to be taught your genitals are dirty. Honestly. What possible reason would a woman have for liking them? It looks weird. Weird hair starts growing on in puberty. Pee comes from that general area and pee is gross and dirty. Duh. Also, word discharges that is all slippery and slimy comes from there, and once a month gross clumpy blood comes out while you feel like your going to die of cramps. Why would you like the are associated with all of that?!!

    • @alchemist – Thing is it’s very rare for a man to feel that way about his genitals, and uncommon for men to feel that way about women’s genitals.

      Besides that, from a medical standpoint, the genitals are far cleaner than the mouth!
      Paul Byerly recently posted…Because I Love You…My Profile

  12. There’s really no reason for a woman to like her genitals. It’s covered in weird hair. Pee comes from that general direction. It’s not particularly attractive and blood comes out of there once a month. Accompanied by awful cramps, moodiness, fatigue and irrational crying spells. Often preceded by bloating, outbreaks, pre-cramping, fatigue and the general desire to murder anyone who pisses you off.

    In addition, women are more susceptible to UTI, yeast infections, weird bacterial infections Bartholin cysts (which are extremely painful BTW) and all of this can happen to women regularly even if she’s a virgin. And is more likely to happen when she is sexually active.

    What reason does a woman have to feel good about her genitals?
    It’s not like it’s some great mystery that women might like someone’s face there. It does smell unusual. And the human mouth is one of the nastiest bacteria fests there is.

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