He Wants To Watch Me Do What??

My new WordPress dashboard view shows a summary of traffic which includes search terms that brought people to the site in the last 24 hours. 

One morning last week the first search was “is it normal to want to watch wife masturbate” and the next was “how to masturbate for my husband

I did some digging, and for the last 90 days, almost 10% of the search visitors were something along these lines. Most were trying to find out if it’s “normal” or “okay.” 

He Want To Watch Me Do What??

Is It Normal?

Our survey on this issue a couple of years ago gave a resounding yes. Over 1,000 men have answered, and 45% have watched their wife masturbate to orgasm while another 19% have watched her do it short of orgasm. Even closer to unanimous, 97% of men would like to watch their wife take herself to orgasm, or watch her do so again. (And 77% choose “YES, YES, YES!!!!” over “Yes” or “Okay”.) Being more serious about one’s faith significantly decreased the likelihood a man had watched his wife masturbate, but only very slightly affected the desire to have it happen.

Why Would He Want to Watch Me?

A lot of men say this is the sexiest thing they can imagine their wife doing. Also mentioned is that it would help him learn about her body and her pleasure. Because this is such a private thing, most men say it feels very intimate for their wife to do this. Trust, intimacy, education, and incredible arousal; what’s not to love?

Is It Okay?

Why wouldn’t it be? Even if you think solo masturbation is wrong (we don’t, for the record) doing it with your spouse is a couple sex act.

How Would I Do It?

Start by realising he’s only looking one place, and he thinks that place is beautiful. If wearing a t-shirt makes it easier, he will be only the slightest bit disappointed.

If you find the whole thing difficult to approach ask him to get you started then take over. If you can’t bring yourself to finish ask him to do that for you, but realise he would really, really like to watch you bring yourself to climax. 

When you’re done he will be crazy horny. Offer him a quickie or do something for him. If you really want to watch him masturbate ask, but don’t feel it’s required.

Another option is to lay at opposite ends of the bed and watch each other. If this sounds safer or easier suggest it instead.

A Woman’s Thoughts

If you want to read more on this, The Forgiven Wife did a great job in Showing the Touch of Love .

~ Paul – I’m XY, and sometimes I can’t think of anything safe to say here! ;-)

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16 Comments on “He Wants To Watch Me Do What??

  1. Forme, uh, no. I’d never even considered asking my wife, nor would it interest me.

    What I really WOULD like to watch her do is fieldstrip and reassemble her M4 blindfolded, reload on the fly, and clear the common types of jams without looking at her hands…and then do the same with her sidearm.

    And then watch her do it all again, and again, and again. Faster and more sure each time.

    • Yes, I’m sure that WOULD be very interesting to see, I’m with you there. FAR more interesting than watching someone masturbate, anyway. But to each their own, I suppose.

      I’m always amazed at the things Christians find to worry about, when it comes to various sex acts, so needlessly. Why would doing this be wrong? I’m not interested in this myself, but I see no reason why a married couple shouldn’t do it together as long as they are both consenting.

    • Sometimes I am amazed at what a man finds to be a turn on. Then again, I got all hot for hubby when I came home one day and found him washing the dishes. One time I was moving living room furniture to clean and hubby carried me off to the bedroom!

  2. Thanks for including a link to my post here, Paul. I’d like to add that several women have mentioned that it is easier to do if they are being held by their husbands while masturbating. This has a sense of intimacy, and it feels less like a performance. For a woman who is learning to be comfortable doing this, that can help.

  3. Can you recommend a resource for a wife who doesnt have a clue on how to make love to her husband? I mean real specific stuff, not generalizations.

      • I want to say the whole kit-n-kaboodle, but that sounds weird.
        My wife and I have had a sexless marriage for basically 25 years, but have been in counseling for about 6 months, one of the resources we are using is “Intimacy ignited” by Dillow. But my wife is still having trouble doing things – its mostly an attitude problem, but also a knowledge problem. She still just basically just lays there. She kisses back, rubs my back, wiggles her hips, but thats about it. And, given our past, she’s not too receptive to my ideas. If there was another book by like Dillow or someone (thinking about getting her that 20 question book by dillow) thats basically a “how to”/instruction manual. I know, a bit embarrasing and ridiculous, but it might help.

        • If this is still relevant: J Parker’s book Hot Holy and humurous includes specifics. Sheila Gregory’s 31 days to great sex (it used to be a series on her blog that she turned into a book) and her recent sizzling summer sex series has specifics. She also has a libido boosting course. Bonnie’s oyster bed is a site for low libido wives. She has an orgasm series that’s pretty detailed. And she uses really nice, non intimidating terminology. Awaken love is another website for Christian wives.

          I think trying to get her to read a site called Christian Nymphos might be a bit much.

  4. This activity is a shining example in my and my wife’s sex life of what can happen when you’re open and intimate – and to never give up hope! When we were starting to re-connect sexually a few years back, I asked her if she would to this for me after reading about it on Christian Nymphos. Her response? She laughed, rolled her eyes and said, “Not a chance.” And when the article brought up her watching me, she had the same response. Ouch. I figured that was a dead subject.

    But then we started to slowly experiment. Just a little here and there. Today, it is one of her biggest turn-ons (watching me and vice versa), as well as mine. Now, instead of laughing at the idea of seeing each other do this, we laugh at how we could have been so foolish as to not having been doing it all along!

  5. Daddy like! HA!

    Show a LITTLE creativity or imagination dude. Instead of t-shirt, how about mans shirt with top 3 buttons undone or maybe a tank top? HA!

    Have asked mine to do this for 30 years. Here’s hoping for some progress.

    Love posts, but try to have some more fun with them so maybe our wives can have some more fun with us? I can say with absolutely certainty that mine has NO clue after 30 years of trying.

    Maybe they will listen to a stranger? Darn sure never listen to their husbands. Obey. That vow is a joke in my marriage. Now I have to scheme out a way to get this to her facebook addiction anonymously somehow.

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