Marriages Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All Either

Don’t you hate “One-Size-Fits-All clothing? I mean really, anything that would fit everyone would be rather ugly on most people.

Marriages are the same way; what’s good for some is a bad fit or ugly for others. This makes comparing our marriages or spouses to others a bad plan. It also means blogs such as this one are going to be hit and miss for your particular marriage.

Much of what I do here is aimed at explaining men. The difficulty with this is men are not all the same. I think we vary a bit less than women, but we still vary a good deal. I think most of what I share is true for most men, but that leaves plenty of room for a bad fit.

The best way to use this blog, and most other marriage resources, is a starting place. If you share something with your husband and he says I’m crazy but that starts a conversation between the two of you, I’m just thrilled to be that crazy XY guy.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my question is “all what?”

Great PostDo Our Yoga Pants Make Men Sin? | Hot, Holy & Humorous – Some of the comments will make you crazy, but the post is excellent. 

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One Comment on “Marriages Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All Either

  1. Going to any kind of marriage event gets tedious for me. I’m not the crier, my husband is. He’s more patient and nurturing with kids, I’m more “pick yourself off the floor and stop crying, you’ll be ok, ” and “don’t tell me how you can’t do it, show me how you can” with kids. He remembers anniversary dates of significant events in our relationship before I do. He’s generally more relational than I am. We like how we are, and hearing advice about the general way other couples are supposed to act with each other usually doesn’t apply to us.

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