He Wants You To Be Impressed With Him Sexually

You know all those body issues and self-doubt you have? Your husband has some of his own of these things… with many of them being about his sexuality.

He Wants You To Be Impressed With Him Sexually

I saw one large survey in which almost three-quarters of men said their penis was smaller than average. Clearly, those numbers don’t mesh with reality. I’m sure if you asked men how they compare to the average for things like duration of sex, how long before they can go again, and how much they ejaculate, you would find the majority think they are below average. (Yes, some men obsess are very worried about how much they ejaculate. I don’t know why.)

The bottom line here (sorry) is most men are unsure about their sexuality. They worry about their bodies and their abilities. Some men get so messed up by this it keeps them from having sex or interferes with their ability to have sex.

You can make a difference here. Any positive thing you say about any aspect of your hubby’s sexuality will be a blessing to him. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and once again I am at a loss for words here.

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8 Comments on “He Wants You To Be Impressed With Him Sexually

  1. Sometimes you post hilarious images as well. Like this one

  2. If only women understood this more. We still want to know after all these years we still bring you joy and you want to be with us. Hardly anything builds us up like knowing we are the object of your desire.

  3. It goes the other way, too (both for men and, I assume, for women). A cutting remark, even made in jest, is impossible to correct because it strikes at a very private place – and one that has deliberately been made vulnerable.

    • @Andrew Budek-Schmeisser – Very true. And this is why a woman should never use the word “cute” while talking about a man’s sexuality!

  4. Sometimes I gush until I’m afraid he’ll think I’m putting him on – but he seems to like it just fine.

  5. I’m like Lynn. I can get rather gushy about telling him how much I like something, or how good he is, and I mean every word of it. Sometimes I feel like I’m being too over the top, but he reminds me that after his first marriage where he never felt like he was enough, he enjoys hearing that kind of thing.

  6. I thought about this some more and it really does mean much more than people realize. For instance, if there was a prize for weakest and least muscular guy out there, I could win it. I’m about 120 pounds and because I have a steel rod on my spine, I can’t gain much more. I’m 5’7″ or so as well and skinny as a rail. I have never had any muscle to me.

    Yet I have confidence around my wife because I know I am still the man she wants and to know that I am able to please her means everything to me.

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