Chipmunks and Perception

So we have chipmunks under the vent cover covers (the enclosures that sit above the vents so you can open the vents when it’s raining) of our RV.

The thing is they were up there for a couple of weeks before Lori heard them. My ears are much better than most, while hers are somewhat less sensitive than normal. This means I hear all kinds of things she can’t hear. It’s odd, and frankly a bit annoying, to hear them scampering and squeaking and know she hears nothing. But while she sometimes teases me I’m making it up, Lori has come to trust my ears and believe what I say I hear.

Awareness issues happen in various areas for couples. For example, you are probably more aware of how others are feeling and your husband may miss little hints you think are huge red flags. Even when you point them out he may not be able to see them. Another example, your husband may be more aware of subtle signs of disrespect. 

If you can learn to trust each other about these things, you both benefit. On the other hand, if either of you denies what the other perceives, that person does not benefit and it may hurt your marriage.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I thought chipmunks were cute till I moved someplace where they live

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