More On Trigger Phrases

I tweeted this last week:

Wife says “We need to talk.” He thinks “Red alert, shields to maximum, charge phasers, ready torpedoes.” #MarriageTip

More On Trigger Phrases

This reminded me of my recent Mansplaining & Accusations of Mansplaining post in which I suggested woman avoid the word mansplaining because it’s become too much of a hot button.

There are plenty of words and phrases that trigger certain thoughts or feelings in others. Some of these are common to most people or most of one gender, while others are individual. If a word or phrase triggers good thoughts or feelings, by all means, use it as often as you can without becoming annoying. However, words and phrases that bring up negative thoughts and feelings are only useful if your goal is to cause anger or hurt the other person.

Words can cut deeply, and being aware of this and choosing our words carefully is both wise and loving. It’s also the best way to get what you want and to have a good marriage.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and words can hurt me more than sticks and stones.

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