Is Texting Hurting Your Marriage?

I wonder what would happen if a marriage counsellor made it standard practice to start each session by reviewing texts the couple had sent each other since they last met. If this were done without warning the counsellor would quickly learn things that could take months to uncover. And they would get a good honest picture of it. If the couple knew their texts would be reviewed, I bet they would text far less and try to be much kinder.

Is Texting Hurting Your Marriage

I think we would all do well to pretend our texts with our spouse will be read by someone whose opinion matters to us. It would cut out a lot of the anger and nastiness, and it would cause us to think twice before we hit send.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my texts with my wife are pretty boring with occasional flirting. 

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11 Comments on “Is Texting Hurting Your Marriage?

  1. Thanks to emoji, we actually tend to be more loving and flirty to each other in our texts than in person.

  2. HA HA! Our texts are to convey information that is important, but not important enough to warrant a phone call. We can go days without texting each other.

  3. Maybe I’m naive, but I have a hard time believing most married couples aren’t using text messages mainly for the mundane “going to the store, whadda we need?’ variety. I wonder what a survey would reveal?

    • @T – I hope you’re right. But Lori and I have been shown some really ugly texts send by husband’s and wives. I find it even worse than words because it could be pulled back out at any time in an argument or to try and gain an advantage. Even worse some of these get forwarded to others.
      Paul Byerly recently posted…You Gotta Go Away!My Profile

      • There must be common factors among the people who do that, and I wonder what they are. I wonder if it’s much more common among the younger crowd, was that your experience? I suppose it is also to be expected among the types of people who find themselves on daytime court shows, but I always thought that that population is selected for entertainment value, not because they are representative of our society in general. I guess I really am too naive.

          • We’re closer to 50 than 40 here. It’s much harder to keep a mean-spirited comment from slipping out of my mouth in the heat of the moment than it is to intentionally type one out and then hit send after. The act of typing it out and reading it back, then deciding to hit send (or not) means that those who are practicing this have something far deeper going on in their marriages.

            • @closertotheheart – I doubt there is any reading it back or deciding on these – it’s angry typing and smashing send. But then there are those who would do it even if they reread and thought, and yeah, they have much bigger issues.
              Paul Byerly recently posted…Send Your Wife AwayMy Profile

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