Why Men Choose Texting Over Calling

Does it seem your husband is all about texting with you but unable to make a call? A lot of men would rather text than call, and this is true in general. not just with their wife.

Why Men Choose Texting Over Calling

Men have less of a need/desire for conversation, especially when they feel the information being shared or requested is simple. So a text is just fine. A text also gives him something to check later if he forgets the exchange or needs to grab some detail. 

Beyond this, in many jobs, a text is acceptable when a phone call is not. Even if a call would be allowed, a text feels faster, more efficient, and less distracting.

So don’t take it personally, it’s probably his preference for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife rarely picks up my calls, so texting is a better option.

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8 Comments on “Why Men Choose Texting Over Calling

  1. I hate talking on the phone. Hubby hates texting. We rarely do either unless necessary.

  2. I guess this one confuses me. From what I’ve observed in just about everyone around me, texting is generally preferred over calling in this day and age no matter what gender someone is. That, and much of the time, both spouses work, so texting is as much about her job as his. Even for women that don’t work outside the home, I’ve still observed that text is preferred by both parties. I’ve been around a lot of women at church, or women in general while they do an awful lot of complaining about their husbands, but as of yet, this hasn’t been one I’ve heard before. I’ve actually heard quite a few women growl if he calls and interrupts her own busy schedule instead of texting. Commenters, am I just around different kinds of women than most?

    • “Commenters, am I just around different kinds of women than most?”

      I don’t think so, I often prefer texting over chatting on the phone, while my husband prefers calling over texting. Guess we just don’t fit the mold that Paul often describes of men and women! LOL
      Amy recently posted…Winning the battleMy Profile

  3. Who would call if they could just text you, like a civilized person?

    Only weirdos, mothers and slow on the uptake institutions, like the government, calls. And telemarketers. Let’s not forget the telemarketers.

  4. My husband only text if he has to because he’s not where he has good cell service or to answer a text I send him, but more times than not he’d rather talk to me than text. And I’m glad he’s like that, although there are times where I’m busy and would rather not talk, I love the fact that he wants to connect with during the day by chatting on the phone.
    Amy recently posted…Winning the battleMy Profile

  5. @Alicia @Amy @alchemist – Might not be as big a deal as I thought. But I’ve heard it as a complaint enough times I thought it was worth a mention. Might be that it’s mostly an old issue now that texting has become so common. Probably also has a generational component as some older folks are less inclined to text.
    As always, if it doesn’t apply to you, ignore it!
    Paul Byerly recently posted…What Are You Doing To Make It Happen?My Profile

  6. Sorry Paul, my comment wasn’t so much a shot at you as it was wondering if I was just hearing from women different than most.

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