Ready for More Sex October?

Many years ago I read something about sex drive going up in the fall. It certainly matched my experience, but then for most of our marriage my job was brutal all summer, so the fall surge might just have been me coming back to life!

Are You Ready for More Sex October?

There is research showing male testosterone spikes in October and November. (A couple of other studies found the same, but there are also a couple that don’t support this.) This shouldn’t make a difference for most men, but if his T levels are low it could help. There is also a study that showed T levels peaked in October for premenopausal women not taking hormonal contraceptives.

Admittedly this is all resting on pretty thin evidence, and the why may have more to do with changes in routine or not being outside as late or the kids going to bed earlier because of school. Still, if your hubby seems a bit hornier next month, why not make it good for him? And if you’re the one always looking for more sex, this is a place where I wouldn’t have a problem with a bit of name it and claim it! Mention reading about men wanting more sex in October see if he jumps on it – and you!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and October’s going to be a good month!

Seasonal variation of testosterone and waist to hip ratio in men: the Tromsø study | NCBI
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4 Comments on “Ready for More Sex October?

  1. I could see this being true in my house. My husband works in construction, outside in the middle Tennessee heat all summer, and I definitely notice an increase in his energy level as the temperatures decrease.

  2. For me, the fall was always a really bad time. As a school teacher, that time of year was always very hectic and exhausting. Our reborn sex life was one of the reasons I retired. The part time teaching of music lessons I do now are on a schedule that allows for regular and extended time together. Time to do a lot of things together that we enjoy, including making love. How lucky I am that our anniversary and birthdays are all clumped up together in late September and early October! I don’t know whether my testosterone peaks then or not, but the new opportunities since I retired are a real blessing.

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