He Needs to Feel Appreciated

Feeling unappreciated or under-appreciated drives a lot of bad behaviour and withdrawal. #MarriageTip

I’ve tweeted that a couple of times and posted to The Generous Husband about it. So I figured I should say something about it here.

He Needs to Feel Appreciated

I suspect men, as a group, are worse about this than women because I think we are less likely to say something clear when we don’t feel appreciated. We hint, we fish for compliments, we grumble, but we don’t say “Hey, I could use a ‘thank you’ or ‘job well’ done.”

The sure way to avoid this is to look for any reasonable excuse to tell him you appreciate him and what he does.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I’ve been known to have unkind thoughts when I didn’t feel appreciated.

By The Way, Kevin A. Thompson had a great post along the same lines as my Real Intimacy post. Wish I’d seen it soon enough to add it to that post. Go check out When You Think Your Spouse Can’t Handle It.  I especially liked “Partial Truth, Partial Intimacy”  

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