Don’t Pack Sex Away Till Next Year!

This is a follow up to Monday’s Don’t Pack Away Your Marriage Till New Year’s

This holiday season don’t be too busy for your marriage BED! #SexTip

Don’t Pack Sex Away Till Next Year!

Be it you or him that wants more sex, the situation will almost certainly get worse during the busyness of the holiday season. If he’s got the higher drive you can avoid the problem by making a point of saving time and energy for sex. If you have the higher drive your control is less, but working to keep your schedule sane can only help.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I think sex is a great gift!

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9 Comments on “Don’t Pack Sex Away Till Next Year!

  1. And for goodness sake, if you’ve been married for ten years and have three children, don’t tell your spouse that you can’t have sex at their parent’s house or at your own house if parents are there out of “respect”. Your parents have probably figured out you are having sex at this point.

  2. Same goes for your grown kids. We will have one grown child and their spouse home for two weeks this Christmas. Any time anyone is in our house you can bet he will never make a move and rebuff mine. We’re married adults, and it hurts. I guess if we had to have someone live with us permanently we’d probably never have sex again, at least nothing more than a silent quickie. He would be okay with that. And, he thinks I’m the one with the sexual and relational sexual hangups…

  3. Oh yes…I love finding special ways to connect during the holidays…

    Trying something new at the in-laws, doing it in the bedroom he grew up in, buying intimate gifts during Black Friday shopping, ordering a new flavored lube online to try so it’s waiting when we get home, leaving the kids with the relatives for some free babysitting so we can go on a date or hang out together, making secret jokes that we crack in front of the family…

  4. The whole being secretive about or unwilling to have sex when others are around seems to be a really common thing. Not sure why, or when it became that way. Seems strange to me my DW can’t really enjoy sex even in our own house if there is a chance we’ll be heard, but finds herself able to really let go in a hotel room where absolute strangers can probably hear everything. Things that make you go Hmmmm….

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