These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

This is more or less a guy gift-giving guide, but it’s really designed to start your thinking. PLEASE add to this in the comments! 

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

Here are a few of my favourite “guy things”:

A great flashlightSuper bright light stick with a magnet: This is about as close to a guaranteed-he-will-love-it stocking stuffer as there is. Every time I loan mine out to a guy I have to fight to get it back. 

Safety goggle he will wearWire Mesh Safety Goggles: The problem with most safety goggles is they fog up. This is especially a problem when you’re working outside doing things like weed-eating or cutting down trees. These goggles have a fine wire mesh that stops all but the smallest projectiles, and it can’t fog. I had a pair of these when I was doing landscaping and I loved them. I have a new pair now for when I’m running a chainsaw. Goggles are useless if you don’t wear them; these are goggles he will wear. 

Electric Ice ChestElectric Ice Chest: Lori and I got one of these for our car trip last summer so we wouldn’t have to deal with ice. It worked far better than I expected. You can plug it into the wall or the cigarette lighter socket on a vehicle. We’ve run it for two hours on several parked vehicles without running down the battery. Aside from mobile use, this would make a great mini-fridge in a man cave or garage.  

The Ultimate Mouse TrapThe Ultimate Mouse Trap: Everyone around here had a horrible problem with mice this last year. Aside from the vast numbers of mice, they were really good at stealing food from the traps. I got a few of these because they were the only thing left at the store. When I found out they worked incredibly well, I went on Amazon and bought a dozen of them. About half of those have been “loaned out” and I never expect to see them again. Yesterday at our 20+ person Thanksgiving feast I overheard one guy telling another about these traps. It may seem like an odd gift, but if your man has been in the trenches of the mouse wars he will think kind thoughts of you every time these traps do their thing!

Marionberry Fruit Wine: I keep sharing this with people who “don’t like wine” and they love it. Lori and I used to stock up at producer’s company store in Salem Oregon when were went down there. Finding it on Amazon was great! 

Military Drop Tested USB 3.0 External Hard Drive: I’ve never had a computer hard drive fail, but I’ve had two backup drives go bad. This one is rock solid and very rugged. It’s been transported in pants and jacket pockets, left in hot and cold vehicles, and dropped more than once, and it’s still going. 

Madalyn’s Backyard Pecan Coffee: We were turned on to this in Austin two years ago, and we can’t get enough. Bits of pecans are roasted with the coffee beans. It smells amazing and tastes just as good. We’ve tried a couple of other less expensive brands, but none of them was as good as this one. 

The VEST coffee makerAeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker: The best way to make great, non-bitter coffee. It’s a bit more work, but if he’s a coffee snob it will well worth it. 

CamelBak Water Bottle: I’ve used this thing daily for three and a half years across 35 states and back. I’ve dropped it, kicked it, and may or may not have run over it with a riding mower, and it’s still in one piece. 

Red LingerieRed Lingerie: Okay, I don’t actually own any of this myself, but I really like seeing it on Lori! Show up for bed Christmas Eve in red, he’ll love it. (No link for this one. Amazon has plenty of items in this category, but the images can be R rated.) And remember, with lingerie, less is more! 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and these are a few of my favourite things. 


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11 Comments on “These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

  1. Well, these are a bit stereotypical! My husband is an English professor and I am sure he would find no use at all for anything on this list (except maybe the lingerie).

      • I hate getting and giving needs or usual stuff as gifts. If hubby needs a flashlight, he gets a flashlight. I’d be ticked if I needed a new coffee maker and he said, “ok, that’ll be your Christmas present.” I mean, if it is a keurig, ok, or a fancy espresso machine with latte steamer, but not a typical coffee maker.

  2. Let me add: I’ve gotten him silk boxers (Texera brand is very good), first time was for me but he really likes them and now has several pair.

  3. Love the electric ice chest and had no idea such a thing existed! Red lingerie already purchased but I’m terrible at saving until Christmas…

  4. Here’s mine…

    Yep, with this parts kit and a barrel and semiauto internals from Indianapolis Ordnance, plus a bit of machining and welding, you can have a functional semiautomatic version of England’s immortal Sten submachine gun. It can be built as a pistol, carbine (with a 16-inch barrel), or, if you want to go to the trouble of a BATF Form One, a short-barrelled rifle.

    And never let it be said I don’t have a romantic heart.

    When (well, if) I build one hypothetically received for Christmas, it’ll be finished just in time to be a birthday gift for my wife. She likes to go hiking, and I can’t go with her, but I can send a pal along to keep her safe.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Your Dying Spouse 409 – The Necessity {FMF}My Profile

  5. I got my dear hubby a deep fryer for Christmas, because he loves making French fries.

  6. Paul,

    My techie hubby asked for a smart watch (Misfit brand, around $200), a DVD/blu-ray (comic action-hero genre, around $30), and an LED desk lamp that has variable light tones and has a wireless charging pad built into the base (available on Amazon, around $70). (Now I hope he doesn’t read your blog!) I know he will be happy with any and/or all of these gifts.

  7. Those subscription boxes make great gifts. Maybe a subscription to Hulu, or upgraded Netflix.
    Something for his hobby…an item, or a membership, or trip.
    Something for what he is a fan of. Character T, memorabilia, collectibles, wife in themed lingerie for preferred franchise
    Find an old-school barber shop and get him a man-spa afternoon getting treated like men did in the good ol’ days. Hot towel, close shave, beard care…

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