Smoothie for One

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting to lose weight. This means twice a week I go 30 to 38 hours between meals. 

For the last several years I have made smoothies for Lori and myself for lunch. It’s a healthy low-calorie meal we both enjoy. Several times when I was fasting for the day I offered to make Lori a smoothie, and she declined the offer. Then one day when she couldn’t think of anything to make and knew she needed the fibre, she “allowed me” to make her a smoothie. 

Smoothie for One

Now I’ve done this a few times. I honestly don’t mind. In fact, I like doing it for her. 

I’m sure she said no because she didn’t want to be an imposition or she felt it was unfair to ask me to make lunch for her when I wasn’t eating. But she didn’t ask, I offered. And I didn’t offer because I felt I had to, I did it because I wanted to. Honestly, I was about to the point of making and handing it to her!

I see women do this often, especially with their family. I think many women were taught they were second-class citizens and are still living that out. Please know there is nothing second class about you in God’s eyes. That means any person who sees you as second class is wrong… even if that person is you!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and yes the intermittent fasting is working!

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8 Comments on “Smoothie for One

  1. What kind of IF are you doing? 16:8 or 20:4? My wife and brother both do 16:8.

    • @mykidsmademedoit – Lori is doing 16:8, and it’s working well for her.

      I do two full days of fasting a week, from after dinner to breakfast or lunch the day after. I find it easier to not eat at all for a day than to eat a limited amount every day, so this works for me. I’m down 10 pounds in just under two months, and that includes Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas goodies. I expect to see better loss after the holidays, but I can live with 5 pounds a month.

      The best part is this is sustainable for the rest of our lives!
      Paul Byerly recently posted…Desire vs GoalMy Profile

    • @Andrew Budek-Schmeisser – The base is milk, Greek Yogurt and a frozen banana with some spinach powder (we dry our own due to limited space) and stevia as needed. For lunch, I usually add a bit of cocoa powder and frozen blueberries. For breakfast a bit of orange juice concentrate and frozen pineapple.
      We’ve did a lot of other things as we travelled based on what fruit was fresh or cheep. I really like blackberry and raspberry, but Lori isn’t into the seeds. Peach was good. Pumpkin not so much.
      Paul Byerly recently posted…Desire vs GoalMy Profile

  2. I have to admit that I feel really uncomfortable having my husband do things for me, like he’ll be frustrated and think I’m a burden and not worth it.

    I’m doing IVF and we just transferred two embryos. First ultrasound is next week, so I feel like crap and I just don’t have the energy to do what I normally do, so my husband has been grabbing dinner or unloading the dishwasher or doing some grocery shopping for me. I’m trying to get over feeling guilty. He said he doesn’t mind, that he likes taking care of me. I am trying to believe that.

      • I do believe him — I guess it would be better to say, it’s hard for me to accept that. It feels too selfish.

        Of course, I’m totally taking advantage of it because I had a miscarriage before, and I’m trying to stay as peaceful and unstressed as possible. So, my physical condition is forcing me to accept this, when normally I’d be all independent and push through on my own. This is probably a good thing.

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