Christmas Eve Quickie

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Christmas Eve Quickie

I bet you’re thinking “My body doesn’t look like that” or “I’d feel silly doing that.” You will tell me your husband would laugh or walk away if you tried that.

There are exceptions, and I know some of you who regularly comment are living those exceptions, but the vast majority of men would be thrilled to have their wife come on to them on Christmas Eve. How she does it, and how she looks are irrelevant to most husbands. The fact that she wants to be sexual with him is all he cares about.

If you’re too tired or stressed to enjoy it, make it clear it’s for him. Tell him you want him to be relaxed so he can enjoy Christmas day!

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife can seduce me any way she wants!

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15 Comments on “Christmas Eve Quickie

  1. I’ve got a get-up planned for Christmas. :-) I’ve already gained 5 extra holiday lbs, my skin has broken out from the holiday junk food and stress, but I am still decking my halls and making merry for our jolly holiday.

    My only negative is that I wish he would do something in return. Sure, it is better to,give than to receive, but when one is always giving and the other always receiving…..

  2. Any normal husband would love this. There are only two reasons that I can think of, Libl, that a husband would not want to return the favor: 1) There is something wrong, as he sees it, with the relationship. Good will has ceased because of anger or bitterness. 2) He has some sort of sex hang-up. Normal men love to see their wife enjoy sex with them. It is one of my greatest pleasures in life.

  3. I guess I’ll be the outlier…a Christmas Eve Quickie would never have happened in our house. Neither my wife nor I would even have thought about it.

    Two reasons: first, I married late, and had spent a lot of Christmases either alone or out with the guys, getting shot at (or being in a position to meet sudden violent death). Christmas Eve (if marked, and often could not be) was a tim or contemplation, and a certain wistfulness. It took on a special flavour rom that, a special time that transcended either sex or, for that matter, feasting and revelry.

    Second, my wife was raised Catholic, and lived in her hometown until we married. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were always spent at her parents’ house, and was a very structured kind of celebration. It kof brought her back to childhood every year, and sex would have been out of place.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Your Dying Spouse 431 – Caregiving’s GiftMy Profile

    • The two Christmases I spent in Baghdad will always be in the front of my mind.

  4. I’ll corroborate for Paul, the vast majority of husbands would like this.

  5. Regular Joe checking in… it would be awesome if my wife did that for me, flaws and all.

  6. I literally snorted and rolled my eyes at this. Not only has it never has happened and never will happen, but the wife would laugh at and mock me for even thinking about the possibility.

  7. Tried. Failed. As usual, my timing stinks! Finally done for the night, I swallowed my fears of failing and put the lingerie on. Got into bed. I was exhausted, he was exhausted. He didn’t even turn towards me. After ten minutes of laying there freezing, I got up quietly and got changed into regular pjs.

    Was gonna try again on Christmas night, but after a genuinely exhausting dinner with relatives (one who is crazy and wears everybody out) – it seemed like a recipe for failure again.

    When I told my husband about what I wore to bed Christmas Eve he seemed genuinely surprised and a little disappointed that he hadn’t noticed. Maybe next year.

  8. B

    Sorry about your experience. But try again Christmas is not over-In Italy they celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas wink 😉

    I am found planning & creativity helped. Instead of waiting until late at night when we were both tired I had a friend take the kids out earlier in the day. I wore a very tight t shirt of the rival of his team. I pre cut it a little but so he could rip off of me.

    Praying for you.

      • My comment was to mykidsmademedoit for serving in the military

    • That’s adorable! I hope your hubby is on your same wave length. It hurts when you get excited planning something and he doesn’t even notice.
      You go girl ! ! !
      I know my husband is asexual, so It doesn’t feel right for me to do things like this anymore. I try to be less sexual than I am for his sake.

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