There’s More Pie, Way More

This is a picture of some of the pies we had for Thanksgiving this year. We ended up with 24 pies, for 22 people. The goal around here is to have at least as many pies as people, and for the four Thanksgivings I’ve been here we’ve made that goal.

There's More Pie, Way More

Imagine having so much pie you know you and everyone else can eat your fill and still have pie tomorrow. And the day after that. Now instead of pie, what if this were true of love, or grace, or something else that seems to be in short supply in your family and/or marriage?

Many of us have a “there’s not enough pie” mentality because of something in our past. It could be growing up in a home where money was tight. Or it could be growing up with an emotionally stingy parent. Or maybe it was a sibling who was given too much or was allowed to take too much, leaving you with too little.

If you have a low pie mentality, how can you change that? How can you provide more pie for your husband or kids? How can you help them see that there’s plenty of pie? How can you help them start working to make sure there’s far more pie than anyone could eat?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and yes that’s my cute grandson and silly son.

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