Offer Him A Way to Save Face

save face

1. retain respect; avoid humiliation.

Offer Him A Way to Save Face

It won’t come as a revelation to anyone that men have pride issues. What many of you may not understand is how much this affects your husband’s relationship with you. We hate to be wrong in front of our wives. Sometimes that motivates us to do better, and sometimes it motivates us to be rude, or nasty, or to withdraw.

If you understand this, you can make certain situations easier. Not just easier for him, but better for both of you. If he knows he was wrong, you playing that up does nothing good for him or for your relationship. If he admits he was wrong, forgive it and move on. Make it easy for him to get back up and keep going. Aside from being a loving thing to do, giving him a chance to save face will be appreciated by him, and that will benefit you.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my wife seems to like my face!

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