Breakfast in Bed With Benefits

Why not do breakfast in bed… and wear something that lets him know you plan to serve more than food!

Breakfast in Bed With Benefits

BTW, this may be a good way to seduce a lower drive man. Testosterone is highest in the morning, and if you can slow him down on a morning when he doesn’t have to hit the floor running he might be game.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and my kitchen is only 20 feet from my bed!

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8 Comments on “Breakfast in Bed With Benefits

  1. Being that first thing in the morning is before the stresses of the day, before we’ve worn ourselves out doing all that must be done, it is most often the best time! As you’ve mentioned before, it can also be best since we aren’t as young as we used to be.

  2. “and if you can slow him down on a morning when he doesn’t have to hit the floor running he might be game.”

    This is a great suggestion, but, it wouldn’t work here. :(

    He is up, dressed, and on the road well before 4:30 am, Monday through Saturday. He doesn’t even eat breakfast – just coffee. I’ve tried getting up at 3:30 am and being romantic at that time, but he is so focused on his list of tasks and issues for the day he’s not really into it. Once in a blue moon.

    Sundays the house is bustling in the morning, everyone up and rushing around to get ready for church. Once in a while he seems interested, so I look forward to Sundays. But I try not to look forward too much, because looking forward to something often results in great disappointment.

    I do believe his stress and fatigue are really huge parts of our lackluster sex life. He’s always so exhausted in the evening. Mornings his mind is racing and he’s gone so early. Afternoons the cell phone rings endlessly with issues that are more important than time with me.

    But we, hopefully, are an exception to the rule. Your ideas are great! I’d love to have breakfast in bed with my husband. Maybe someday.

  3. Yeah, this would be nice in theory, but my husband told me years ago to stop initiating anything because it makes him uncomfortable.

    I think there is a difference between low libido (where there’s a chance of someone saying yes) and sex averse (at least for me).

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