Public vs Private Behaviour

A dozen or so times in my life I have gotten to know someone well enough to be allowed behind “the family veil” and see how the family acts in private. A majority of those times what I saw was not pretty!

Public vs Private Behaviour

We tend to be on our best behaviour for our friends and we generally treat our spouse well when friends are watching. But what do we do in the privacy of our home when no one is watching? Are we still generous, loving, and calm? Is who we show ourselves to be in public the real us, or do our spouse and kids see something different?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I try to be generous all the time.

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3 Comments on “Public vs Private Behaviour

  1. Everyone’s family has some Jerry Springer show content, everyone’s kids misbehave, everyone with kids has a less than clean house, most marriages have mismatched sex drives, your facebook profile is about as indicative of your life as your senior picture was to how you dressed every day.

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