How’s Your Marriage Immune System?

Our marriages are under constant attack. The world is full of lies, distractions, and temptations and we are exposed to those things daily. It’s very much like how our bodies are exposed to various illnesses and infections.

When our bodies are strong and healthy we are better able to avoid catching the diseases we are exposed to, and better able to fight off what we don’t avoid. Marriage is the same way; when it’s strong and healthy we avoid most of what is thrown at us and find it easy to fight off the rest.

So how are you and your hubby doing at building a strong marriage immune system? What gaps are there, and how could you fix that?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I want to avoid a sick marriage!

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4 Comments on “How’s Your Marriage Immune System?

  1. Great analogy! I guess my marriage immune system is not unlike my regular immune system. OK, but could be much better. Not bad, but it gets a lot of junk food which can make it unhealthy.
    And not unlike my immune system, sometimes things that masquerade as healthy (some blogs, books, etc.) are actually not healthy for me. Even if they are labeled Christian. I’ve had to learn that not everything I read is necessarily true. Seems obvious, but some things that look healthy are imperfect. I guess though, since we’re all humans, I should expect that.
    I can only change me though, right? But not unlike my constant efforts to eat right and exercise, I still slip up. A lot. Many is a day when my jam packed schedule leads me to forego my run or grab a granola bar as a meal. Along those lines, many is a day when my insecurities are so high that anything I see or read is just more proof that I am not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, or woman enough for my husband.
    Like the fitness models on Instagram that seem to have this unattainable (for me) perfection, there are so many women who ooze confidence, know they are loved, and seem to have it altogether. I’m happy if I do my hair, get the laundry done, finish the boys schooling, get them to practice, and put a decent meal on the table. How these other women consistently achieve near perfection with a smile on their face and manage to look like beauty queens is beyond me! But every day I try. It’s all I can do – my personal best. I can try to improve, just like I can try to get a little healthier each day.

    Okay I’m getting off track. My point was this is an excellent analogy that I will think on much more.

    • Girl, why are you even on Instagram? That app seems to me to be the mother of all body image issues and unhealthy comparisons. That’s why I don’t have it and don’t plan to get it either.

      In my opinion, deleting Instagram would be a great way to boost your marriage immune system. Ditto Pinterest. You know you have a tendency towards unhealthy comparison. It only makes sense to stay far away from social media that’s has been shown to cause dissatisfaction and depression by making people think everyone else has a perfect life.

      • True. But my sons are all teens. I have Instagram to keep an eye on them. We don’t do any other social media.

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